23 Free E-Commerce Icon Sets for your Designs


We know that the right icons make the good design great. Here we present you with the finest handpicked icon packs on the net.

This list is constantly updated so feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

Free for commercial use

The following icon sets are free for both commercial and personal use.

glossy eCommerce icons

Free for private and commercial use, featuring the so needed shopping cart, money signs and credit cards.


FRESH Add-on

Business icon pack featuring some must-have pieces.


Css Globe Icon Set

An amazing minimal design icon set.


Bright! - A free stock vector iconset

Features some great general purpose icons to give your design some flair.


Milky - A free stock vector iconset

A milky sweet icon pack.


On-Stage icon set

This smashing icon set features some nice e-commerce icons.


Web Application Icons Set

Great for web applications & e-commerce sites. Released by WebAppers.


Austerity icon pack

Some smooth icons for your design.

License: Personal / Commercial use not specified. You might want to contact the author for permission before using the pack.


Chalkwork Payments

A collection of payment icons for your needs.


Shopping Cart Icon

A fantastic shopping cart icon for any project.


Weby Icon Set

Fantastic icons. Free for any use.


Cult-Foo 50 free icon set

Features some nice e-commerce icons.


Sienna Icons

A truly amazing collection. Features every kind of e-commerce icon you might need in 5 different colors that will match any design.


Credit Card web icons

5 useful credit card & PayPal icons.


Mini Pixel Icons

An icon pack consisting of 320 icons in various color themes.


90 Vector Icons

A vector icon pack (eps format) featuring some great general purpose icons.


25 Free Vector icons

A small vector icon pack featuring an awesome dollar icon - well worth downloading the whole thing. In addition you get some great general purpose icons for your designs.


Free for personal use only

The following icon packs are free only for personal use. You'll have to contact the respective authors of each set for use in commercial projects.

Leopard Reflective Icon Set

A fantastic free for personal use icon set. Features some amazing e-commerce icons.


Finance icon set

A full set of financial and e-commerce icons, including shopping carts, money icons, credit cards and charts.

License: You have to put a back link, or a licensing fee has to be paid.


Free Vector Diagram Icons

Some great free for personal use vector diagram icons.


Dragon Soft Icons

Some slick business style icons, free for non-commercial use.


The Robbery Icons Set

A few money stolen robbery icons, free for non-commercial use.


Statistics icon pack

A couple of chart icons for personal use.


Bootstrap Studio

The revolutionary web design tool for creating responsive websites and apps.

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Casey L. Jones

Awsome assortment of free icon. Actually have a few listed in which I haven't seen before. As usual though, in my opinion only, the best and/or most useful for my clients' sites are always only free for personal use only. :-(

Dietmar Stefitz

Really a great discovery for me. Thanks for sharing such a lot of good Information. I am sure our Designers can use it.

Nice articles

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These are really useful .. thanks for collating them ...

Very nice icons, thanks a lot!

Good. very nice icon. i like it.

Nice Article , beautiful icon
I share in my blog and link to here

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nice stuffs, thanks a lot.

can you make tutorial to make this icon.. plz..


This is absolutely amazing. Thanks a lot for this great icon sets.

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Great icon sets :-)

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thanks.... i take this "Css Globe Icon Set". I need to customize my template blog....

Some icons are very good. But I am wondering whether a css sprite image will do good or individual images. confused.. help pls.

Thanx a ton !


wowww,,, big thanks ton :)


Some of it i'm already using it. While some is new to me. I'll give it a try then. Thanks for the post.

This is a great list. Many of them that I have not seen before.


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This is a great list. Many of them that I have not seen before. Thanks.