Hosting Your Website for Free with Bootstrap Studio

Bootstrap Studio Sites is our new website hosting platform. It offers powerful features like full HTTPS support, custom domains, and even password protection, so that your site is as secure as possible.

And the best part? The service comes for free with your Bootstrap Studio license! We have created a video tutorial that demonstrates how easy it is to get a site online.

Bootstrap Studio Sites offers blazing fast uploads, thanks an efficient data transfer protocol which transmits only the parts of your site that have changed since your last publish. And with the help of CloudFlare, your website is loaded from the nearest location to the user, which significantly reduces the page loading time.

Thanks to our custom domain support, you can host any website, from experiments to production sites you create for your clients. We would love it if you can give it a try!

Bootstrap Studio

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  • thanks for alerting that!!!

    could you tell me please, can we host database attach to website?