Quiz: How well do you know CSS?

In the world of web development, CSS is often seen as a mystical language that is somehow both very easy and super complex at the same time. Almost everyone uses it on a daily basis, yet very few people can claim they really know what they are doing.

If you think you are a one of these true CSS masters, take the quiz and prove yourself. The questions will test your knowledge on various CSS properties, oddities, and common misconceptions.

CSS Quiz

When these elements are rendered, what will be the margin between them? margins.png

CSS Quiz

Which answer will transform the element from state A to state B? translate.png

CSS Quiz

Which selector will target only the last list item? last-child.png

CSS Quiz

What will be the final background-color of this div? red-vs-blue.png

CSS Quiz

What is the correct syntax for writing comments in CSS?

CSS Quiz

What's wrong with this :after pseudo-element? after.png

CSS Quiz

Which of these CSS properties isn't real?

CSS Quiz

Which nth-child() selector will target only the last list item? last-child.png

CSS Quiz

How can we center everything inside a container both vertically and horizontally? center.png

CSS Quiz

Which of these answers contains invalid CSS?

CSS Quiz

What will be the font size of the h1 element in pixels? em.png

CSS Quiz

Which combination of selectors will target only the uppercased element? siblings-selector.png

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Comments 5

  • What will be background size? :)

    body {
        background-size: cover;
        background: url(600x300.png);
  • Answer of 3 Question is Red - the id selector has higher specificity. Such a good article thanks.
    360 Webdesign UK

  • This was great! I'm still improving my javascript skills but have been trying to create a small quiz app. Is any of the code used to make this quiz open source?

    Would be super grateful to take a look behind the scenes. This quiz is snazzy, fast, and works great on mobile.
    thanks in advance!