The 10 Most Entertaining StackOverflow Questions Of All Time

Oh StackOverflow, what would we do without you! You save us countless hours of bug fixing with a single spot on answer. But there was a time when Stack Overflow wasn't only for technical answers, and a few entertaining gems could slip through. We've collected a few of our most favorite ones for your enjoyment.

Our Top 10

Here are our favorite entertaining Stack Overflow questions. They aren't sorted by up votes or anything, we are going to let you decide which ones you like best. If we've missed your favorite, add it to our comment section!


Although this question is from 2011 and no one uses the HTML bgcolor attribute anymore, it's still funny that someone tried to color their div chucknorris. Also, in case you were wondering, here is a chart showing which color represents the names of popular celebrities.


A huge compilation of funny images and comics. Be careful, you might waste an entire work day with this one. Credit goes to xkcd for providing us with nerdy entertainment.


Some people don't comment their code at all causing confusion and bewilderment, others add meaningful and on point hints to aid their colleagues and their future selves. And then there are the people in this thread.


Some of these are bad, some of these are good, some of these are so bad they are good. You know a good joke that is not in the list? Post it to our comment section!


Ever feel like your amazing programming skills are useless outside of the computer world? This questions proves they aren't! Apply your knowledge and fix a very real everyday laundry problem.


This question is another evidence that Stack Overflow has a sense of humor. Choose your favorite answer and the next time someone asks you this question seize the opportunity!


Have you ever needed to style only half of a character? Neither have we, but surprisingly it is possible! In an incredibly detailed answer, the stack overflow user Arbel shows different techniques for doing it. The code has been released as a jQuery plugin.


How many checkboxes could a checkbox check if a checkbox could check checkboxes? But no, seriously, this is a helpful question solving a very common problem.


JavaScript is a weird language that often times works in mysterious and unpredictable ways. The snipped in question is not Brainfuck but valid JavaScript. Thankfully Stack Overflow is full with people who now their JS, and they took the time to explain how this mind bending code works.


Have you ever thought about how much you hate your workplace? Well, at lest it doesn't impose nonsensical coding standard rules like the ones in this thread.



This question was asked in the java section, but the topic applies to all programming languages - random isn't really random, it's pseudorandom. Feel free to use this information to confuse other coders.

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Hilarious, I love the 4th one!!

Thanks a lot, you are awesome.
I visit your site since 2010. Great articles. Keep it up!

Its cool.. my best question is: How can i write jquery without jquery library?

David M. Tromholt

Haha yeah you certainly can't claim there's no sense of humour on StackOverflow, even though some users over there are veeery serious :-)

Great read. Thanks.