10 Interesting JavaScript and CSS libraries for October 2018

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This is a next-gen database for building powerful React and React Native apps. It is extremely fast, highly scalable - from hundreds to tens of thousands of records. In Watermelon everything is lazy loaded, only load the data you need. It is built on rock-solid SQLite foundation and supports both iOS and Android.



This is a lightweight framework for building static and server-rendered applications with JavaScript and React. It comes with automatic code splitting for quickly page loading, simple client-side routing and built-in CSS support. Next.js is mobile friendly and can be customized with plugins.



GrapesJS is an open-source web builder framework for creating beautiful templates without writing any code. It offers a large number of features that help you to build you templates faster and easier like drag and drop blocks, limitless styling, asset manager and a lot more.



A modern JavaScript library for manipulating dates in browser and Node.js. It is highly modular and works well with webpack, Browserify and Rollup, and supports Flow and TypeScript. The library is really tiny, efficient and easy to use, with detailed documentation and examples.


Hasura GraphQL Engine

This is an amazingly quick and lightweight GraphQL server that gives you instant, realtime GraphQL APIs over Postgres. It offers powerful queries for single and multiple objects, event-triggers on database changes and dynamic access control.



Tiptap is a renderless rich-text editor for Vue.js. It is highly extensible and there are multiple packages and extensions for importing new functionalities like adding links, images, ToDo lists, placeholders, code highlighting and many more. You can also export your data as HTML or json.



This is a modern open-source Content Management Framework for building secure and performant API with no effort. It comes with an elegant and fully customizable and extensible admin panel. Strapi is built on top of Node.js which makes it really efficient, and can be used with any front-end framework.



A modern static site generator built with Node.js and based on Webpack. It is open-source, offers high-speed performance and works with Vue.js, React and every modern frontend framework. It allows you to generate pages from Markdown, Pug, EJS or any other node-compiled markup language and upload them to the server via FTP or SFTP.



Sqorn is a JavaScript library for building SQL queries. It allows you to build complex queries and chain, extend and embed them to create more complex ones. It provides concise syntax for common CRUD operations and is extremely fast. It generates parameterized queries for preventing SQL injection.



This is a modern, open-source wiki app built on Node.js, Git and Markdown. It comes with a built-in editor which allows you to write your content in Markdown format that is automatically synced with your Git repository. The app has an integrated access control and assets manager and is really lightweight and designed to work with low CPU resources.

Bootstrap Studio

The revolutionary web design tool for creating responsive websites and apps.

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  • I created an account on this website for one reason and one reason only. That is to comment about the watermelon database. I am using react native on an personal project and was using sqlite-storage database but I found it to be slow but preferred the syntax over realm. Anyway I switch to realm anyway because speed and security will always prevail over syntax and style preference. LITERALLY after converting my entire project I stumble upon this article 5 minutes after my painful process. WHY!?

    Nonetheless, great articles. I really enjoy this series of articles on the site. Keep 'em comin'