15 Interesting JavaScript and CSS Libraries for January 2018

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With ClarifyJS you can easily create chained methods that can be executed in any order you want. Usually javascript methods are executed from left-to-right, ClarifyJS allows changing the order in which they are executed. It also allows controlling async methods by choosing whether the process should wait for a specific async method to complete or just execute and move on.



Superstruct offers a simple way to validate data in Javascript. It is inspired by Typescript, Flow and GraphQL, and its main purpose is to validate data at runtime and it returns detailed runtime errors. This can be used when validating user inputs in a REST or GraphQL API.



This is a JavaScript layout engine that helps you to create different multifunctional and interactive layouts. It offers fully customizable layout with built-in drag and drop, fast animations, filtering and sorting. It uses Web Animations to handle animations and Hammer.js for dragging.



Neutrino is a tool that uses the power of Webpack to create JavaScript-based projects with presets and shared configurations. Presets are the main building block of Neutrino. You can use Neutrino's base presets to build a variety of projects, or you can create your own presets by extending the Neutrino core ones.


CCXT(CryptoCurrency eXchange Trading)

This is a JavaScript/PHP/Python library for cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce. It is used to connect and trade with cryptocurrency exchanges and payment processing. It offers support for bitcoin/ether/altcoin exchange markets, fully implemented public and private APIs for all exchanges and quick access to market data for storage, analysis and visualization.



Reactopt is a CLI React optimization tool that identifies events that may be causing unnecessary re-rendering of components in your application. It is created to replace the react-addons-perf module, which is no longer supported after React 16. Currently it supports Click/Double click, Drag, KeyPress, KeyDown and Input events.



Luxon is a powerful and modern JavaScript library for working with dates and times. It offers DateTime, Duration and Interval types, allows parsing and formatting common and custom date formats. Luxon supports using time zones and uses the native Intl API to provide easy-to-use internationalization.



This is a front-end build system, designed to automate your WordPress development workflow. It offers integrated web server and auto-reload, PostCSS and Scss pre-processors, and flexible build customization. It also has a built-in ES6-ready Babel compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.



Spectre is a completely free, responsive and elegant CSS framework. It offers basic styles for typography, flexbox based responsive and mobile-friendly layout system and beautifully designed pure CSS components. It is really lightweight, only 10KB gzipped and has support for most modern browsers.



This is a framework that speeds up the process of building API wrappers and ORM-like interfaces for custom API routes. It offers the basic CRUD methods, as well as some additional methods for making basic requests like get(), post(), put(), patch(), delete() and head(). It requires almost no configuration and it can be setup to fit any API.



Parcel is an amazingly fast web application bundler that requires no configuration. It offers support for JavaScript, CSS, HTML, file assets and automatically transformation of modules using Babel, PostCSS and PostHTML. It also has a friendly error logging with syntax highlighted code frames for easier identification of the problems.



A free and modern UI toolkit for web makers. It is based on Bootstrap 4, amazingly lightweight and fully responsive. It includes 10 custom components, 2 pre-built landing pages and icon packs from Material and Font Awesome packs. You can also customize the SCSS files to edit the existing layouts or create new ones.



This is a JavaScript library that dynamically highlights words matching given search terms or regular expressions. It has built in diacritics support, separate word search, custom synonyms, iframes support, custom filters and more. Can be used with plain JavaScript or as jQuery plugin.



With this vanilla JavaScript library you can add search, sort, filters and flexibility to different HTML elements. It is small, simple, easy to use and requires no dependencies. It has plugin support and works well on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE6+.



Uppy is an open-source modular file uploader for web browsers. You can choose files for local disk, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, remote URLs and other excisting locations, and then upload them to the final destination. It is really lightweight, has a really easy to use user interface and works great on mobile devices.

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