Check Out jQuery Trickshots - Our First Book!

I am happy to announce the release of our first ebook - jQuery Trickshots. Inside it, you will find a collection of 100 kickass tips and tricks for working with jQuery that I have discovered over the years as a JavaScript developer and author for Tutorialzine.

jQuery needs no introduction - it is the most popular JavaScript library in use today, and it drives most of the tutorials on this site. It gives web developers a great deal of power by abstracting away the complex tasks of traversing the DOM, creating elements, handling events and more, while at the same time leveling the play field by working around browser differences.

Here are some of the things that you will read about in jQuery Trickshots:

  • DOM Manipulation: Tips on chaining, organizing your code, using the power of the DOM to your advantage.
  • Performance: Learn how to optimize your jQuery code and how to squeeze every bit of performance.
  • Events: A collection of tricks on working with events, making your code work on touch devices, chaining event handlers and more.
  • AJAX: Tips on working with deferreds, useful third party APIs, scraping HTML content and more.
  • Master Class: Making use of little-known jQuery methods, applying old-school JavaScript tricks, isolating code blocks and extending jQuery.
  • Plugins: A collection of must-know plugins for modern web apps, with examples and live code.

To get a better taste of the book, go ahead and download the AJAX chapter for free!

jQuery Trickshots comes in PDF, Epub and Mobi so you can read it on all your devices. To make the package complete, there are 100 HTML5 & jQuery examples that you can edit and run in your browser!

The jQuery Trickshots Book

The Giveaway

To celebrate the release, we are offering three copies of the book for free, to three lucky Tutorialzine readers. To participate do the following:

  • Tweet about this post (click);
  • Leave a comment below, saying what you'd like our next book to be about.

The winners will be randomly chosen on May 7th, 2013, and announced with an update to this post. Good luck!

The winners have been chosen! And they are:

  • Pablo
  • Phillip Jacobs
  • Sam

They have been contacted and have been sent their prizes. Congratulations!

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Marianne P.

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Looks like this will be a very interesting book to read! I would also be intersted in some CSS trickery book.

Madushan M.

Cross browser guidelines and browser optimization.

A book about Responsive Design Tips and Tricks would be nice!


Hi have tweet the post... for next book i hope something link html5 and css3 tricks :)

Kunule Imbayi

Responsive design.

Responsive mobile web design with J-Query

How to structure javascript code!?

Luka Kancheli

About jQuery Plug-in development

Alexander Meza

HTML5 Enhancement.

Andres Iriarte

Awesome! I just can't wait to get a copy of your book. On future books I would like to see more on how to create JQuery frameworks and image manipulation.

Any of these technologies are becoming or already are standars, so i wont mind either CSS3 or HTML5 or laravel or nodeJS

Eduard-Dan Stanescu

Responsive design for sure.

Michael Henry

Hi, I would love to see a book about Web Application templates with database integration (SQL, etc). Thanks.

David Cotera

El siguiente libro puede ser acerca de node.js y tecnologías similares

'HTML5 - Five Fireshots"
A unique book from HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery and Mobile Apps

I would like to see a book on requirejs

Awesome job guys!! Congratz!! That's def a MUST-HAVE!!

I would like to see a book about developing a case study web app using the top 5 most popular (JS or PHP) MVC frameworks out there :)

Zachary Winnie

Great giveaway! I'm looking forward to reading and learning.

Thanks for the post.
I hope next book is about expressjs or derbyjs.

Great idea this book!

The next one should be " responsive design trickshots " :)

I'd say 'CSS3 & HTML5 awesome tricks' or 'Responsive/Mobile tricks'

About CSS3

Maybe tips and tricks about backbone.js or responsive design and techniques.
Thanks guys.

About jQuery Plug-in development step by step

Curtis Scott

Next book idea - Tips on Structuring and Optimizing jQuery code.

Tips for optimization, and secure coding.

Bruno Genaro

Next book would be about css3 and/or html5

John Sanabria

Some Ruby on Rails for Beginners would be awesome!

Greg Benner


Would love to win a copy, I also think the next book should be a beginners guide to backbone js

Cleber Gasparoto

HTML5 and CSS3

advance sql with a lot of practice exercises !!


Wow, great stuff, I would definitely like some CSS tricks in the next book.

This boock is awesome and it will help you to learn a lot of new techniques and ways to use jquery.

The wedding trio of html5, css3 and Jquery .

In-depth JavaScript knowledge like JSONP


I am a fan of Jquery since i've learned it ! I use it in all my web projects and this could be a great opportunity to master tips and tricks :) :)

Tweeted here :

Chyngyz A.u

Devoloping a full web app with database using html5, css3, javascript, sql and etc.

Travis McDiarmid

Next book should be about Styles and Tips with CSS3

Jack Scotty

You guys are great! I would be honored to promote you new book, even more if necessary. Throw me a copy for free and I'll make sure and tell the world!

Responsive design

Cross-device optimalisation trough css and Jquery.

CSS trickshots!


Very cool!
The next book should be about CSS tricks. ;)

I need your talent in a small PHP5 E-book. It will be a best idea !

Mate, you're doing such a wonderful job here!

I am coming back week after week and have never been disappointed by the great content and tutorials you are providing here.

That is why I did not hesitate a second to BUY this book - just to support this real GEM in webresources...

Keep going, Martin, keep goin'

Next book CSS tricks and pre-processors.....!

website responsiveness tricks

That would be great! we'll see...

Rafael Fiori

i Would love a PHP-5 book


Why Node.js

Dang Thanh

Thanks giveaway. The next book should be talking MVC or MVVM JavaScript.

Designing a responsive website from start to finish.
Also with use of frameworks like twitter bootstrap (making a site like tutorialzine with it).

Design guidelines and techniques for programmers

NK Bansal

It would be helpful for me to learn jQuery beyond the basics.

Diego Ante

Building robust wordrpress themes!

Shivam Gautam

Would love to win!

Muhammed Jenos


love to win :)

As a frontend developer that uses jQuery and JavaScript quite a bit this book could be interesting.

Phillip Jacobs

Responsive mobile web design with J-Query


Next book about Wordpress Plugin development. Using Hooks in Wordpress or developping advanced widgets.


I found a little mistake in the free chapter.
The JS code on page 3 in line 15 probably shoud be:
$(link).append(' (' + size+ ')');
not: $(link).append(' (' + type + ')');

Best regards,