20 Interesting JavaScript and CSS Libraries for February 2016

The world of web development keeps expanding as new frameworks, libraries and plugins are created everyday. To keep you up to date with all the cool toys, we made this collection of our favorite JavaScript and CSS tools you should try in February 2016.


Super Simple Slider

Super simple slider is jQuery plugin which provides you with a functional and lightweight slider. To set it up just place your content in an empty element and call the plugin. If your content is of different heights, the plugin will animate smoothly to accommodate it.



Chartist is a JavaScript library which helps you present your charts in interesting ways. With CSS animations your charts are clear and eye-catching. Chartist provides you with a simple configuration override mechanism based on media queries to help you control the behavior of your charts.



Griddle is a useful grid component using React. With a lot of powerful functionality like filtering, paging, infinite scrolling and sub-grids, you can easily customise it to fit your project. Rendering is optimized so that only the current page of results is generated.



Textillate.js is a jQuery plugin which uses animate.css and lettering.js to apply eye-catching animations to text. To use it, include the plugin’s JavaScript file alongside the libraries it depends on and start creating unique effects.



Slideout is a JavaScript library which helps you set up touch slideout navigation menu for your mobile web apps. It doesn’t have any dependencies, has simple markup and uses native scrolling, so that it works smoothly on mobile devices.



Awesomplete is a simple and lightweight widget with no dependencies. By default the library expects the list of suggestions to be passed as a data attribute, but you can easily hook it up to your back-end with a simple AJAX request.



Timeago is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to support automatically updating fuzzy timestamps. You cantake full advantageof page caching in your web applications, because the timestamps aren't calculated on the server.



Ramjet is a JavaScript library which helps you make animations transforming one element into another. It supports images and GIFs so that you can build the perfect landing page. You can also use an easing function to make the transformation seem more natural.



Patternizer is an online tool that helps you generate patterns. After you choose options like opacity and width, just copy the code that the website gives you and paste it into your stylesheet.



Masonry is a jQuery plugin for building grid layouts. It places elements optimally depending on their sizes to make maximum use of the available space. With a lot of loading effects and options you can customize the look of your page.



Lettering is a jQuery plugin that gives you the ability to style every letter, word and line in your text. The best use case is to create typographical CSS3 posters with unique styling for every letter. Text remains fully selectable.



Nativefier is a command line Node.js utility which can easily create a desktop application out of any web site. Apps are wrapped in an Electron shell and packaged into an OS executable (.app, .exe, etc.) for use on Windows, OSX and Linux.



Lightgallery is a responsive gallery plugin for jQuery. It has numerous options and animations which allows you to customise the plugin easily. The video module allows you to create beautiful youtube/vimeo video galleries with automatic thumbnail fetching.


Magic Animations

Magic animations is a CSS library for animations. It has a lot of animation types and is easy to use. Just add the stylesheet to your page and set class names to your elements. If you are interested in CSS animations you can also check Animate.css.



Bulma is a modern CSS framework based on the Flexbox layout model. It has a simple grid system, responsive nav bars and versatile media objects. Most Bulma elements can be customized by applying modifier classes.



This is an extension for Google Chrome that bundles together a big array of features, including a color picker, CSS gradient generator, recent history of used colors, and more. Another similar tool is the open-source extension Eye Dropper.



With WhatFont you can quickly find out which fonts have been used in a webpage. Simply hover on any text, and the extension will show you the name of that typeface. WhatFont also detects the services used for providing the web fonts.



PerfectPixel is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to put a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of the developed HTML and perform per pixel comparison between them. It's a great helper when you want to transform a PSD to HTML flawlessly.



Fireshot allows Chrome users to make full web page screenshots and then directly upload, print or send them to Photoshop or the clipboard. It also support an array of popular formats such as pdf, png and gif, and can work offline without a problem.



Blur is a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy to keep track of and secure all your personal information online. It helps you remember your passwords, generate hard-to-crack new ones, and sync all the browsers and devices you log on.

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