Freebie: 5 Beautiful and Responsive Footer Templates

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Footers are often underestimated by designers and developers. This area of a website is a great place to provide people with more information like contact details and social accounts, or with direct links to pages of interest. This is why we want to share with you a collection of 5 beautiful and responsive footers, which you can use as a building block for your next site.

The Design

Our templates are responsive and are easy to customize. We have split the CSS into separate files for each of the templates, so that it is extremely easy to include the footer that you need into an existing website - just copy and paste! The CSS is self contained, so you can be sure that no conflicts will arise with the rest of the page. Our footers also work great on smartphones and tablets.

Beautiful Responsive Footer Templates

Some of the footers use Font Awesome, so you have plenty of icons to choose from. And as a bonus they are crisp on any resolution, so are retina ready.

Free for Commercial Use

Feel free to use these templates in both personal and commercial projects. We hope they come in handy and we’d love to see what you do with them :)

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Junaid Atari

Thank you. These are amazing!

Mick Kennys

It looks like standard WP solutions - or maybe I am wrong?

Martin Angelov

You can include these footers in WordPress themes if this is what you are asking. They are plain HTML+CSS and will work with any framework or platform.

Erwin Prasetyo

thanks you Martin, you rock

Son Nguyen

Thank you Martin for sharing the footer templates! They work nicely! :-)

Jean Doucet

Very nice work. Thank You for sharing.


Thank you for the code.Everything works completely.

Thanks for the freebie!

Hello Martin,
Thank you a lot. I have been searching through the entire internet for my wordpress website for the about us footer. It was great and looks professional. Keep posting such things. Great work.

It is amazing and helpful for the developer. Thanks

¿How can i paste this in footer.php of my child theme?

Hi Martin,

I uploaded the footer with contact form on Github, but the social icons are not showing, can you help? This is the page:

Amit Sharma

Thank you for the freebie, Martin. Very professional looking footer.

Jerson Apostol

Thank you so much, It helps me a lot :)

Hello Martin,

Thank you so much for this, I am working on a custom WordPress theme for a client and I am kinda out of ideas for the footer and this is just what I needed.

Thanks once again Martin.

Best regards,

It is amazing and helpful. Thanks a lot !!!

Thank you so much. It helps me a lot.


Thanks for your templates. Im very new and I dont know where should i add the CSS. Could somebody help me?