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It is very important for websites to work and look good on mobile devices. And we know how much time it can take to get right. To help all of you web developers out there, we decided to release a free responsive template, which you can use to kick start your next project!

The Template

The template uses Twitter's Bootstrap framework and works nicely on all kinds of devices. We've used vector images where possible, so that it looks crisp on high resolution screens. It is also easy to customize and extend. For the header image, we used this macbook air mockup.

Creative Company Template


The PSD for this template is available in our free to join member area, along with all kinds of other goodies for web developers.

Free for Commercial Use

You are free to use the template commercially with no attribution necessary. Of course, it will be much appreciated if you share it with your friends and spread the word about it. Thanks!

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Is there a problem with the demo page as i'm unable to load it

Sorted, my fault

Thanks for the template! And thanks for the link back to the mockup :)

Shawn Rubel


great share, love the fact that you chose to share something minimal, so good!

Alejandro Montañez

I love minimalism, it lets my imagination fly. One great article for inspiration. Thanks a lot.