Learning backend as a frontend dev

What is a good place to start learning backend? I have about 1 year of experience with client side JavaScript and feel pretty comfortable with it. I want to try some server technology, maybe PHP or Node.js?

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  • For Basic Try This Site : codecademy . They Are Good . And If You Want To Learn By Building There Are Many Resources On Google And YouTube.

  • Hi @tim85,

    There are plenty of resources(tutorials, sites and books) out there that can help you to start working and developing a back-end.
    Personally i used codecademy, codeschool, youtube and a lot of other sites including tutorialzine. In the past i also buy some printed books.

    However, the best place so far that i have found was safaribooksonline. Currently i have an year based subscription and i can say that it worth each penny.

    Also you should be ready to read the documentation of each of the tools/technologies you want to develop. Keep in mind that for PHP especially you should carefully pick up the resources you learn from as there are plenty of resources using bad programming practices.

  • Wow, thanks for the thorough answer Nikolay!

    I've started the beginner's PHP course on codeacademy just to get familiar with the basics. After I complete it I'm thinking of buying a book (I don't like video lessons). Can you recommend any good PHP books that are up-to-date?

  • imo, stick with the js stack...javascript has a lot to offer like building desktop apps with electron, native apps with react-native and all the web frameworks like react, vue, etc. If you have free time try learning a compiled language like go lang.