Which is your favorite code editor?

Was just wondering what other people are using. I'm a Sublime Text guy myself, mainly because of how light and fast it is.

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  • I was using brackets, but then they pretty much stopped development on it. It took 6 months to fix the simplest of bugs. So I switched to Atom. Personally I like the way Brackets looks better but its too buggy.

  • Wow, that's funny, I actually did it the other way and switched from Atom to Brackets. Brackets is much better looking, has a better layout, is easier to use and I'm also a fan of Live Preview tool which lets you test your HTML/CSS/JS in your browser live without even reloading.

  • I use Atom  on my personal computer, but on a shared PC I use Sublime Text portable.

  • I started using Atom and I've loved it. However, now I am using VIsual Studio Code and I have to say its much better than Atom.
    My answer: Visual Studio Code

  • notepad++. i guess since i've never looked for an other one means that i'm pretty happy with it :)

  • While in college we were instructed to use Dreamweaver since it was included with our mandatory Creative Cloud subscription. I have since moved over to Atom and love the crazy huge amount of packages that exist to make so many things easier. I am going to give Visual Studio Code a try after seeing it on this thread and see which one I like better.

  • Once you really go Vim, you'll never go back. People are scared of it (I used to be too), but it's super powerful, even for web development.

  • Agreed. I'm still in the early learning stages but it has been pretty awesome so far.

  • My choices differ. A lot.
    Most of the time I use Sublime Text, but, sometimes I prefer using Vim.
    And for VSCode or Atom or Brackets, I've tried them. The thing I love and hate about them is that they're built using electron, i.e, using chromium. It uses a lotta RAM in my machine. I carry a small laptop with 2Gigs of RAM, and the performance of those editors is just... worse. So, Vim and ST3 are my goto :)
    After all, it depends on what you're trying to do, what you're going to do, and what you currently have.

  • I use Brackets and recently started trying Dreamweaver again.
    I also like visual Code.

  • Leaning towards VS Code and Brackets. VS. Code is definitely good editor with many plugin support

  • WebStorm! I'd say it's best code editor I've tried ever, I had tried so many code editors, most of them looks buggy or need additional plugins etc. except WebStorm.

  • I'm using Brackets. Sublime Text time to time. But Brackets is much better for me personally.

  • I use Brackets. Brackets is very good looking, has a nice layout, is easier to use and I'm also a fan of Live Preview tool which lets you test your HTML/CSS/JS in your browser live without even reloading.

  • I have used Atom before but it's too slow. Sublime is also a good choice. I primarily use PhpStorm and VSCode.

  • i used brackets, vscode and atom just anyone that i like that moment

  • Used to love Atom but changed because it kept crashing whenever I opened a minified file. So now I use Sublime Text. Had the chance to try VS code but idk, it wasn't for me.

  • For simple tasks Sublime Text rocks, but for dedicated development in PHP I'm using at the moment PHPStorm and it's impressive

  • Been changing a lot!
    Had tried Atom, Brackets, VS Code and Sublime Text 3
    Currently on Sublime Text 3 Beta.
    Loved VS Code but it is still evolving.

  • Net Beans.
    You cand add plugins if want, for yii, joomla and others.
    You can conect directly to server (as Dreamwaver) and to mysql database to.
    Autoindent with alt + shift + F or you can make a selection and indent only that selection.
    It show where your cod start and where it end, if you have a braket open on line 150 and it end on 254, you can easy see the portion of that code.
    I <3 NetBeans!

  • Sublime by far. It's just a really lightweight and extendable editor. The SublimeCodeIntel addon worked wonders.

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