Which is your favorite code editor?

Was just wondering what other people are using. I'm a Sublime Text guy myself, mainly because of how light and fast it is.

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  • I was using brackets, but then they pretty much stopped development on it. It took 6 months to fix the simplest of bugs. So I switched to Atom. Personally I like the way Brackets looks better but its too buggy.

  • Wow, that's funny, I actually did it the other way and switched from Atom to Brackets. Brackets is much better looking, has a better layout, is easier to use and I'm also a fan of Live Preview tool which lets you test your HTML/CSS/JS in your browser live without even reloading.

  • Brackets is essentially dead. They take months to fix the simplest bugs and they have not added new features in years. I loved brackets but its time to move on since its not actively developed anymore. I am trying vscode now but might go back to atom.

  • I use Atom  on my personal computer, but on a shared PC I use Sublime Text portable.

  • I started using Atom and I've loved it. However, now I am using VIsual Studio Code and I have to say its much better than Atom.
    My answer: Visual Studio Code

  • notepad++. i guess since i've never looked for an other one means that i'm pretty happy with it :)

  • While in college we were instructed to use Dreamweaver since it was included with our mandatory Creative Cloud subscription. I have since moved over to Atom and love the crazy huge amount of packages that exist to make so many things easier. I am going to give Visual Studio Code a try after seeing it on this thread and see which one I like better.

  • Once you really go Vim, you'll never go back. People are scared of it (I used to be too), but it's super powerful, even for web development.

  • Agreed. I'm still in the early learning stages but it has been pretty awesome so far.

  • I use Brackets and recently started trying Dreamweaver again.
    I also like visual Code.

  • Leaning towards VS Code and Brackets. VS. Code is definitely good editor with many plugin support

  • WebStorm! I'd say it's best code editor I've tried ever, I had tried so many code editors, most of them looks buggy or need additional plugins etc. except WebStorm.

  • I'm using Brackets. Sublime Text time to time. But Brackets is much better for me personally.

  • I use Brackets. Brackets is very good looking, has a nice layout, is easier to use and I'm also a fan of Live Preview tool which lets you test your HTML/CSS/JS in your browser live without even reloading.

  • I have used Atom before but it's too slow. Sublime is also a good choice. I primarily use PhpStorm and VSCode.

  • i used brackets, vscode and atom just anyone that i like that moment

  • Used to love Atom but changed because it kept crashing whenever I opened a minified file. So now I use Sublime Text. Had the chance to try VS code but idk, it wasn't for me.

  • For simple tasks Sublime Text rocks, but for dedicated development in PHP I'm using at the moment PHPStorm and it's impressive

  • Been changing a lot!
    Had tried Atom, Brackets, VS Code and Sublime Text 3
    Currently on Sublime Text 3 Beta.
    Loved VS Code but it is still evolving.

  • Net Beans.
    You cand add plugins if want, for yii, joomla and others.
    You can conect directly to server (as Dreamwaver) and to mysql database to.
    Autoindent with alt + shift + F or you can make a selection and indent only that selection.
    It show where your cod start and where it end, if you have a braket open on line 150 and it end on 254, you can easy see the portion of that code.
    I <3 NetBeans!

  • Sublime by far. It's just a really lightweight and extendable editor. The SublimeCodeIntel addon worked wonders.

  • Visual Studio Code logo.ico

  • To me Brackets is best. its free, very light app with livepreview and other add on features, VS Code is quite good but with Emmet it does work differently compared to Atom, Brackets and Sublime text. Sublime text is super too but you have to purchase it.

  • Netbeans           -> by pressing ctrl + clicking the "function name/class name/internal link" then you can locate the source, 
    Notepadd++      -> Fast and simple
  • Hello,

    For developing, my opinion is that there is no alternative to compare with IntelliJ IDEA or Php storm family.

    Otherwise, if you seek about a good simple text editor, I think the old NotePad ++, still does the job better anyway.


  • Hi. Currently I'm using Notepad ++ since I'm a total beginner in programming and coding.

  • use visual studio code or sublime, they are far better and gives you good experience while coding.

  • I tried Brackets and Atom, moved on to sublime3 and now use Visual Code, which i find so far to be my favorite, though Sublime is close behind. Each of them have aspects i really like so chosing a fave is tough

  • I use Atom at work but I'm a fan of SublimeText, there are many plugins available and you can make your own little place to work peacefully. Now I'm interested on check if Visual Code is good at I have heard about.

  • I was using Dreamweaver then i switched to Atom and i like it so much

  • Depending on my mood, I will use either Atom, Coda 2 or Sublime Text.

    Colorful - Atom
    Impatient - Sublime Text
    Functional - Coda 2

    Hehe, I love all 3 of 'em.

  • Actually i am the user ofBrackets.This is one of the free software which helps in writing codes and even so many options are available.You can insert any types of codes.
    This is the time consumer software .
    I suggest every one to use Brackets.

  • I loved Brackets for a while and lately I migrated to Visual Studio Code

  • I've tried Atom, VS Code and Brackets and I always come back to Sublime.

  • Hi I used to use Dreamweaver, but as I am using Macbook I cant afford to pay the price for the new dreamweaver, and the old dreamweaver can not work on my Macbook with Sierra.
    So now I am using textwrangler and considering to try Bluegriffon.
    Any advices and recommandations are most welcome

  • I would say it depends what languages you use the most. also there are so many good ones that you can get totally free of charge that you can trial out quite a few until you find the one that fits. when I started with Sublime I had to install Emmet whereas editors like VS Code and the IDEs from Jet Brains (like Web Storm/Php Storm) have it built in. pretty much all that everyone else has mentioned are decent.

  • After having used WebStorm for quite some time, I fell in love with Visual Code now.

  • My favourite is sublime text editor but now a days doing some problem :(

  • I was a dedicated Sublime Text 'er for a good few years but I've been using VS Code a lot more these days because of the built in support for javascript off the bat. I find it really powerful and pretty much as lightweight plus it has the added benefit of built in GIT control out of the box. Also started using both PHP Storm and Web Storm for PHP and JavaScript but there's a lot more to learn with a full IDE

  • I used to like Sublime because of the various plugins you can add to make work more effective but I recently started using PHPStorm. I think I am love with PHPStorm. :) But I use both though!!

  • VS and Eclipse for JAVA, VSCode for JS, DreamWeaver for design

  • I think that Atom is a very simple code editor. You also can customize  it. So I prefer Atom as code editor.

  • I've been playing around with most of the editors mentioned here but so far I'm leaning towards Atom. One of the things I like about it is how customizable it is. I also like it's embedded git control and that it's made by GitHub.

  • I am using Visual Studio Code. My computer is not a high-powered performance machine - I love it and am very happy with it. Because of this, I switched from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 14.04 (haven't upgraded to the new LTS in a while).

    I was using Atom, and it is great. But actually, I like VS Code much better. It is lighter and faster (great for my computer - Atom was often stalling and I would have to wait a long time for it to become active again) and high-powered as well.

    I am still new to VS Code, but I highly recommend it!

    P.S. ... I got used to and love the look of Atom, the colors for the code, and didn't love the defaults of VS Code, it was easy to download an Atom theme and have that familiar look in VS Code)

  • My favorite code editor is Sublime Text any Version . I have been Using it from last 2 years and not a single time a thought came to my mind to replace it with other editors.

  • i will go for Notepad++ which is one of the best and lightweight text/code editor for me. You should try it too. apart from Notepad++ there is sublime text which i use as well, if you are a fresher then you can find several resources about those top editors and details on them.

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  • Visual Studio Code is the way to go ;) . Microsoft made a wonderful piece of software for the third time (Office, Studio IDE) !

  • Off course, Visual Studio. I've been working on this for last 4 years. Also tried VS Code and ATOM for self taught front end development.

  • Sublime text is a really cool and light weight editor, have been using it for more than 3 years straight. Recently i started using VS Code, and will have to say, it is not bad. The main pro of using VSCode is how well it integrates with your project. Everything just works, no need for any kind of hassle. Most of the hard work of setting up anything is done by the editor. Give it a try it's nice.

  • There are some code Editors like sublime text, brackets, atom, visual code editor . I use sublime because it have lots of packages and increases your speed. i love sublime.

  • I like both Sublime Text and Atom and keep on switching between the 2. I've also heard that VS Code is a great editor but yet to try. And I also want to learn Vim or Emacs someday XD.

  • I use Atom. The interface looks awesome and you can have 2 files open at the same time. I tried brackets but I prefer Atom. For me any editor is good as long as it has basic syntax highlightning and a dark theme.

  • sublime text, notepad ++
    I'm still a novice tho, so I want to learn and grow

  • I am using VScode and Atom for my development. Sometimes i used Sublime Text.

  • Currently I am using VS code to develop websites. But I am a big fan of WebStorm.

  • Well.. honestly I don't have a favorite Editor.. I used Brackets, VS Code, Atom and Sublime Text and I'll give some opinions on them:
    Brackets - did not use it a lot but it's a very good editor, lots of useful extensions.
    Atom - honestly if it wasn't slow I would've used only Atom, because it's a very good editor, but because it's slow not using it so much.
    VS Code - fast, great editor, so many extensions, one of the best editors if not the best at this time.
    Sublime Text 3 - Just like VS Code but in terms of extensions VS Code wins.
    So.. hard to choose but overall VS Code is the best editor in my opinion.

  • I was using SublimeText3 because of how fast and have so many convenient plugin it is.
    I also use Visual Studio Code, It was so cool.

  • In the last years I have used Notepad++. But now I give Atom a chance. I like the functionality and the look'n feel.

  • i used to use Phpstorm, Webstorm, VS-Code but now i'm using atom and it's much better .

  • sublime text best because of its light weight and other packages that you can install

  • I am a web developer so I mostly use Sublime or VS Code, Sublime is definitely my favorite but when I moved to Linux OS(mint), I was having a difficulty in opening Sublime without subscription, so I switched to VS code and from that day I am using VS Code and it is really awesome. Sublime is still my favorite.
    While I use NetBeans for Java development, Code blocks for C/C++, and PyCharm(Community) for Python.

  • I'm a new developer, and I've been using brackets. I'm looking at other text editors, but I really like the way brackets works.

  • Brackets is essentially dead. They take months to fix the simplest bugs and they have not added new features in years. I loved brackets but its time to move on since its not actively developed anymore. I am trying vscode now but might go back to atom

  • It used to be Sublime Text until I discovered Visual Studio Code which has almost everything built in. Though I use Sublime Text sometimes.

  • I'm a VS Code guy myself. Everything seems pretty good. Useful plugins, intuitive interface, integrated terminal, etc.

  • Used to use Notepad++, but than I found out what Sublime is... I think it's really the fastest editor of all. You can customize it as you want and it's really cool. Love at first click...

  • Personally I prefer Sublime Text for its flexibility and the variety of features it provides. It also grows with the community which is great. To better explain this I am linking you a video I made reviewing Sublime Text and showing its potential. I hope it helps haha :)


  • I like Brackets, Sublime, Atom, and VS Code. They all work (pretty much) the same

  • Hi All,

    I am working as a senior software developer and working as a full stack development with Angular and Spring boot applications currently. I would like to introduce myself here , I am a fun loving and love to code , always enjoy coding ...

    My personal code editor for UI stuff is Sub lime text and Visual Studio.

    Looking forward to learn some good stuff from all of you guys.

    Chaitanya Morreddi

  • I was a big fan of Sublime Text, but now use Visual Studio Code for pretty much everything.

  • im used to notepad ++ but im older person and its just easier to use on my laptop. lol.