Which is your favorite code editor?

Was just wondering what other people are using. I'm a Sublime Text guy myself, mainly because of how light and fast it is.

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  • I was using brackets, but then they pretty much stopped development on it. It took 6 months to fix the simplest of bugs. So I switched to Atom. Personally I like the way Brackets looks better but its too buggy.

  • Wow, that's funny, I actually did it the other way and switched from Atom to Brackets. Brackets is much better looking, has a better layout, is easier to use and I'm also a fan of Live Preview tool which lets you test your HTML/CSS/JS in your browser live without even reloading.

  • Brackets is essentially dead. They take months to fix the simplest bugs and they have not added new features in years. I loved brackets but its time to move on since its not actively developed anymore. I am trying vscode now but might go back to atom.

  • I use Atom  on my personal computer, but on a shared PC I use Sublime Text portable.

  • I started using Atom and I've loved it. However, now I am using VIsual Studio Code and I have to say its much better than Atom.
    My answer: Visual Studio Code

  • notepad++. i guess since i've never looked for an other one means that i'm pretty happy with it :)

  • While in college we were instructed to use Dreamweaver since it was included with our mandatory Creative Cloud subscription. I have since moved over to Atom and love the crazy huge amount of packages that exist to make so many things easier. I am going to give Visual Studio Code a try after seeing it on this thread and see which one I like better.

  • Once you really go Vim, you'll never go back. People are scared of it (I used to be too), but it's super powerful, even for web development.

  • Agreed. I'm still in the early learning stages but it has been pretty awesome so far.

  • My choices differ. A lot.
    Most of the time I use Sublime Text, but, sometimes I prefer using Vim.
    And for VSCode or Atom or Brackets, I've tried them. The thing I love and hate about them is that they're built using electron, i.e, using chromium. It uses a lotta RAM in my machine. I carry a small laptop with 2Gigs of RAM, and the performance of those editors is just... worse. So, Vim and ST3 are my goto :)
    After all, it depends on what you're trying to do, what you're going to do, and what you currently have.

  • I use Brackets and recently started trying Dreamweaver again.
    I also like visual Code.

  • Leaning towards VS Code and Brackets. VS. Code is definitely good editor with many plugin support

  • WebStorm! I'd say it's best code editor I've tried ever, I had tried so many code editors, most of them looks buggy or need additional plugins etc. except WebStorm.

  • I'm using Brackets. Sublime Text time to time. But Brackets is much better for me personally.

  • I use Brackets. Brackets is very good looking, has a nice layout, is easier to use and I'm also a fan of Live Preview tool which lets you test your HTML/CSS/JS in your browser live without even reloading.

  • I have used Atom before but it's too slow. Sublime is also a good choice. I primarily use PhpStorm and VSCode.

  • Used to love Atom but changed because it kept crashing whenever I opened a minified file. So now I use Sublime Text. Had the chance to try VS code but idk, it wasn't for me.

  • For simple tasks Sublime Text rocks, but for dedicated development in PHP I'm using at the moment PHPStorm and it's impressive

  • Been changing a lot!
    Had tried Atom, Brackets, VS Code and Sublime Text 3
    Currently on Sublime Text 3 Beta.
    Loved VS Code but it is still evolving.

  • Net Beans.
    You cand add plugins if want, for yii, joomla and others.
    You can conect directly to server (as Dreamwaver) and to mysql database to.
    Autoindent with alt + shift + F or you can make a selection and indent only that selection.
    It show where your cod start and where it end, if you have a braket open on line 150 and it end on 254, you can easy see the portion of that code.
    I <3 NetBeans!

  • Sublime by far. It's just a really lightweight and extendable editor. The SublimeCodeIntel addon worked wonders.

  • To me Brackets is best. its free, very light app with livepreview and other add on features, VS Code is quite good but with Emmet it does work differently compared to Atom, Brackets and Sublime text. Sublime text is super too but you have to purchase it.

  • Netbeans           -> by pressing ctrl + clicking the "function name/class name/internal link" then you can locate the source, 
    Notepadd++      -> Fast and simple
  • Hello,

    For developing, my opinion is that there is no alternative to compare with IntelliJ IDEA or Php storm family.

    Otherwise, if you seek about a good simple text editor, I think the old NotePad ++, still does the job better anyway.