I just dislike bootstrap. I don't if am the only one or am just being hyper. Is there anyone here who agrees with me?

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  • Do you dislike Bootstrap specifically or frameworks in general?

    I like frameworks like Bootstrap because they make it easier to work in a team. Understanding other people's code is much easier when everyone uses the same standards and components.

  • Bootstrap is boring but is better than to custom css

  • i think it depends on the size of the project. or if it is a very custom layout (artsy website)... some times i find it easier to start from scratch...

  • For me, bootstrap make my life easier.
    A lot of my users like bootstrap's style.

  • I agree. I do not like the built in typography and many other things as well. Also if you work on a project that requires something really custom it is harder to achieve it with Bootstrap. It depends on the project but for me is more like compromising with the creativity.