I just dislike bootstrap. I don't if am the only one or am just being hyper. Is there anyone here who agrees with me?

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  • Do you dislike Bootstrap specifically or frameworks in general?

    I like frameworks like Bootstrap because they make it easier to work in a team. Understanding other people's code is much easier when everyone uses the same standards and components.

  • Bootstrap is boring but is better than to custom css

  • i think it depends on the size of the project. or if it is a very custom layout (artsy website)... some times i find it easier to start from scratch...

  • For me, bootstrap make my life easier.
    A lot of my users like bootstrap's style.

  • I agree. I do not like the built in typography and many other things as well. Also if you work on a project that requires something really custom it is harder to achieve it with Bootstrap. It depends on the project but for me is more like compromising with the creativity.

  • As many said in comments, it depends on your need. Bootstrap is life savior if you are new to CSS and off course there are many CSS templates which are based on Bootstrap and fulfills your daily needs. In general you can say there are both pros and cons of Bootstrap.

    -> Easy to start and use
    -> A number of standard and variety of components available
    -> Lots of plugins and templates available to enhance the UI
    -> Continuously updating framework

    As far as cons are concerned I really don't have any of mine. But I somewhat agrees with Nikolay Todorov.

    I hope this will help you and others.

  • I like too write my own code using SASS but I prefer to use Pure.css to my projects... Bootstrap is very complete and I'd recommend for large projects!

  • Yeah Bootstrap can be a little bit boring sometimes. But it really depends on the scale of the project. Cause sometimes we just need to do a website as fast as possible. You could always create your own bootstrap theme and use it as you see fit. Or create your own custom element like, let's say, the navbar. You could also go with lighter css frameworks like PureCSS or go to a more complete and better looking framework like Propeller or Materialize. There's also a ton of Bootstrap themes out there that could come in handy.

    Here are a few cool bootstrap themes:

    At the end of the day it's really just a thing of personal criteria, but all things aside, bootstrap is a pretty handy framework.

    Hope this helps,