Do you use any ES6 features in your everyday coding?

I feel like most of the new ES6 features are still not used by the majority of developers. Arrow functions are the most popular feature by far and I see let being used once in a blue moon. Other than that ES6 still hasn't caught on and it's already been over a year since the release.

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  • I'm still learning but.. for every tutorial I go through, I adapt the steps to use the latest and greatest ES6 features. Arrow functions, const instead of var (and let) as much as possible, map, reduce and filter, destructuring, promises, async/await (ES7, actually), are things I use the most. There's features like generators and data structures like maps and sets that I'm yet to find much use for.

    Additionally I use classes when working with React.

    I really can't imagine writing non-trivial Javascript in 2017 without making use of ES6.

  • As a Front-End developer I never use ES6. Anything you can do in ES6 you can do in ES5, and when you compile ES6 to ES5 it has to ship with some bloat (polyfills) and I see almost no benefits in terms of speed, filesize or coding ease.

    Now if you are writing for Node that is a different story, write in 100% ES6.

  • I've been implementing them slowly but steady. As I develop in Vue with webpack most of the time, I mostly use:

    • Arrow Functions () = >
    • Shorthand syntax for methods
      object: {
      method() {}
    • Spread operations, specially for array concats: array = [...anotherArray]
    • let and const

    Using the airbnb pluging for eslint has really helped me with implementing them.

  • I am still not using those because of the lack of support but i am learning those so that i can use in the future.