jQuery is dead. What do you use for simple web apps these days?

I remember a few years back, when we could just slap some jQuery on a web page and call it a day. But now we have like a thousand frameworks to choose from. React, Vue, Angular.. What would you suggest is best for a simple web page these days?

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  • I prefer Vue for the facilities in the code and its learning curve. In addition, it provide quite complete features to make your work quality.

  • Another vote for Vue. It's easy to setup yet super helpful for manipulating the DOM and adding structure to the app.

  • I prefer using Vue because of its learning curve and modularity. Its has everything necessary for a basic web app. If you want anything complex, add a module. This helps save a lot of space, especially in a area of limited bandwidth. It will also save the time of a person. Best of both worlds if you're into hosting your web app.

  • it really depends on the project you are doing, because sometimes you wont need to use a JS framework or library and sometimes you will have to use it. There is a lot of frameworks and the most used at least in my area are Angularx1, React, Vue, Angular 2 (sometimes). Like the other users said, Vue has a nice learning curve maybe you could try the tree of them with a simple mini project and stick with the one you like most.