jQuery is dead. What do you use for simple web apps these days?

I remember a few years back, when we could just slap some jQuery on a web page and call it a day. But now we have like a thousand frameworks to choose from. React, Vue, Angular.. What would you suggest is best for a simple web page these days?

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  • I prefer Vue for the facilities in the code and its learning curve. In addition, it provide quite complete features to make your work quality.

  • Another vote for Vue. It's easy to setup yet super helpful for manipulating the DOM and adding structure to the app.

  • Another vote for Vue here. Simplicity and scalability at it's best.

  • I prefer using Vue because of its learning curve and modularity. Its has everything necessary for a basic web app. If you want anything complex, add a module. This helps save a lot of space, especially in a area of limited bandwidth. It will also save the time of a person. Best of both worlds if you're into hosting your web app.
    I'm going to give a try to MoonJS next time. It has a very familiar API, and is 29KB less than Vue.

  • it really depends on the project you are doing, because sometimes you wont need to use a JS framework or library and sometimes you will have to use it. There is a lot of frameworks and the most used at least in my area are Angularx1, React, Vue, Angular 2 (sometimes). Like the other users said, Vue has a nice learning curve maybe you could try the tree of them with a simple mini project and stick with the one you like most.

  • Still using jQuery -- not broken, works with a lot of legacy code I have to deal with and works very well for .NET MVC or J2EE apps. I certainly wouldn't call it "dead".

  • You can still use jQuery. It's the best for mobile UX and support especially if you are doing small application. Btw, that's what most of the Framework also depend on. But if you are doing something from medium to complex application, i'll recommend Vue because it's very easy for biginner to work with. If you're an advance user, you can go for React or Angular.

  • How can you call the internet's most widely used JS library "dead"? It's not hip enough for you?

  • who said that? Jquery is still simplest Javascript. I think most designer love it. You know, designer is not programmer.

  • I still use jQuery. don't have time to change it unless no body maintain it anymore.

  • what do you mean dead? I still use jquery nowadays even in react

  • I'm still using Jquery for some of my frontend side projects.

    I understand how it can get really overwhelming if one starts to chase "the hot new framework" from the bowels of Silicon Valley. Choice is the modern day equivalent of "tech gluttony".

    I would recommend to stop chasing the trends, and double down on what you know.

  • You can use jQuery and Vue together. I don't feel like Vue should be considered a direct replacement for jquery.