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Hey guys! Recently we launched the brand new version of Tutorialzine that you see right now.

We decided that developers need a place focused on learning and improving their craft. In contrast to other fields, web development moves at breakneck speeds. We see new frameworks, tools and good practices all the time. To keep up with this progress is a lot of work. But I think we as a community can help each other, make learning easier and even fun.

This discussion is the place to introduce yourself. Just say a few words about what you do and what your interests are. Links to projects you've done and portfolios are welcome!

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  • To get things started let me introduce myself.

    I am Martin and am based in Bulgaria. I am a web developer and I created Tutorialzine in 2009, during my first year in university (it has been 8 years, can you imagine? Time flies so fast..). Since then I've done a few other projects, but Tutorialzine has always been the place to share what I've learned. A couple of years back, Danny started helping out, and today he is the main editor of the site.

    A big thanks goes to all of you who've been reading Tutorialzine over the years! We have big plans for this site, and with your help, we can make awesome things.

  • I'm Thomi and ever since I was a kid I've been interested in all things programming, always tinkering with computers and doing some C++. Currently halfway through my computer science degree.

    Just recently I've started my first serious web dev job, working in a team building progressive web apps. So far I love it!

    P.S. Great job on the redesign Martin! I'm really digging the new Tutorialzine.

  • I'm Heikel. Tutorialzine is one of my favorite blog posts. I always recommend it to my colleagues. I really like the new look, good job.

  • Hi all! I'm Mary from Minsk, Belarus.

  • I'am Lucas Marciano, and I am a php and Android developer! Nice to meet you guys!

  • Hi, I'm PJ. Old school hoping to learn something new:)

  • My name is Aman. I am a learner and want to dwelve deeper.

  • Hi! I'm Jean Gérard. A web developer from Haiti. I've been following this site for a while now. I just realize the site is now on Laravel with a fresh beautiful look. I was expecting an article on that with more details about why the choice etc. I just mentioned you on Twitter about that. So even though I'm new here on the site, I'm not that new (if you know what I mean). See y'all around!

  • Thanks for the reply! We will be announcing the redesign officially soon, complete with our experience migrating to Laravel. These last few days were dedicated to fixing issues and making the new site more usable, but I think we are almost ready for prime time :)

  • hi I'm Hadeel I'm a graphic design and digital media student from Saudi Arabia, I'm interested in Web design so I decided to join your community can't wait to learn from you.

  • Hello, my name is Abutu Justice a web developer by profession. I am particularly interested in web technologies such as JavaScript, j query, css3, html5, etc. I hope to share some knowledge with all of you guys soon enough.

  • Hi am Kamalakannan. I have 7 years of experience in Web Development technologies. I have been working in Javascript, Jquery,AngularJs, EmberJs, Bootstrap, CSS and other web development tools ..

  • Hi - I'm Ed Garzaro from the Chicagoland area, Illinois. I started web development about a year ago and have been actively working on learning as much code as I can. My most recent project is for a theatre group:


  • Yo, I am Jonathan and I am a developer from the western hemisphere. :) I don't have much of a code community and looking to grow my skill set and connect with all you awesome folks. Looking forward to what's to come!

  • Hello! I am Adrian from Italy, a beginner in web development and I find this blog very useful and interesting.

  • Hey guys! Love the update. Been a weekly visitor since 2009. I'm working as a web-developer fulltime, it's my carreer really. I love it. - Coming here each month finding more great reasources has made me to the developer I am today! Keep up the good work Martin!

  • Hey! am Vignesh, from India. Just started my programming career. Just joined as a junior developer at a startup. Eager to learn new stuff and meet new people!

  • bonjour à tous, je m’appelle gérald, dirigeant de et
    je développe principalement en laravel.

  • Hi everybody! I am Abdulaziz Yakubov. I am from Uzbekistan and i want to be a web-developer especially in node.js. But, there is nothing in my uzbek language, that`s why i firstly taught english and now trying to learn node.js. Before i learnt C and C++. Very need to your help...

  • Heyo, I'm Shane. A senior LAMP stack dev from Florida. I'm the creator of a mildly successful jQuery modal plugin called jAlert: Been a fan of Tutorialzine for years and years. I've been recommending to my co-workers and I love the new website design!

  • Hi! I'm Christino. I'm a web & mobile developer from Madagascar. I love this site especially when you publish libraries every month. I can't wait to see the next choices. I didn't had computer science class but i'm passionate by programming. I started to code web and mobile but now i'm launching in machine learning. Hope you'll publish more articles about it!! Thank u! :)

  • Hi I am Tanveer. I work in Singapore as UI Developer. I really love your blog and regularly read it.

    I'm Ruchir. A Linux admin turned a social worker completely.
    Its been 15 years, I used to work on Dreamweaver.
    Trying to get back to enjoy my passion again and I'M FINDING THIS PLACE SO COOL!

    Thanks Martin Angelov.

  • Thanks for the update, I've used Tutorialzine since 2009!

  • Hello Everybody! I'am Dipesh From Nepal, and I am a web, WordPress developer! Nice to meet you guys!

  • Hi, everyone my name is abdulateef, i am a .Net developer and i love to learn new things around tech

  • I am Emem Umoh a Nigerian living in Ghana. I am a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer. I like this tutorial site so much and I am glad it is expanding!

  • Hi, My name is Alexandre and am based today in Brazil, but i beleve that i will live in Toronto, CA in next August of 2017.
    I have more than ten years of experience in development of systems as full stack developer, creating solutions for administrative support of companies, documentation for gathering requirements and management for systems development.

    Some IT Knowledge Synthesis: Linux Operating Systems (Install/Config/Services) ; Windows Server (Install/Config/Services); VMWare; VBA (For Access/ Excell), Visual Basic 6; Oracle Database (PL/SQL); PostgreSql; ASP; SQL Server (T-Sql/SSIS); MySql; CMS (Drupal / Joomla); IIS / Apache; PHP / .Net, C#, HTML5; CSS; JavaScrit (CRUD)/ Node.js; Java EE/JSP; DevOps; MVC; Android Dev (AppInventor);

    See y'all around!

  • Hi everyone. I'm Melvin and I'm a new web developer from NYC.

  • I'm PanFan. A new javascript developer. Tutorialzine is one of my favorite blog posts.

  • Hi, my name is Amit you all can call me Amy. I am an engineering graduate in computer science engineering.I am some one who is beginner to web development but has strong interest in it.I would love to be the part of your developer community and do some live projects which could help me grow in my career.

  • My name is Larry and I enjoy building and websites give me satisfaction. I had a head injury that created a situation where I have had to learn all things over, I do mean all things including my name. I am now trying to relearn HTML, CSS and Javascript. I hoping to get going soon and include PHP. In time all things will come together...

  • Hi I'm Peter and I'm from Cuba. I have been interested in programming since I started the university. That was a year ago. I know some C and C++ and recently I've focused on web development. Really, I have almost nothing experience, but I have such a great interest on learning, -fundamentally English!, excuse my ortographic errors if some-. So, Hello Everybody and let's CODE!!! :smile::smile::smile:

  • Hello. I’m Khosbayar 21 y/o Front-end developer and programmer with focus in user experience and minimalistic design, currently living in Ulaanbaatar. I love what I do since I’ve started doing it. I find every new experience as an opportunity to learn. My favorite projects are those that
    require me to push beyond my boundaries and acquire new skills and knowledge in order to succeed.
    In my spare time I enjoy experimenting with
    new frameworks and libraries.

  • To get things started let me introduce myself.

    I am bhargav and working on web development from last four years. I love to learn and explore new web development technologies

  • I'm a sysadmin, but i love the programming, and i wish to create apps similar that i saw in the movie mision imposible.

  • Hello Martin Angelov, i recently downloaded your registration system bus i couldnt edit it with css, i dont know how and why but my background, font-family and many other stuffs does not change when i change them.

  • And now my introduction,

    Hi! I'm Suraj. A web developer from Ghana. So even though I'm new here on the site, i hope everyone that reads this gives me a positive karma haha. I really love the tuts on this web and in my opinion it really looks clean, not like what i have been doing all this while :). I will now follow you on twitter for mor questions and updates. See y'all around!

  • I am a new Web developer,and I am intrested in Web develop.I wish I will meet a lot of people.And My WeChat is

  • Hi..My name is Nadia.I am from Pakistan.I am new in learning web development i hope i'll get help from this blog.Thankyou

  • Hello I am Sayed Rafeeq from Hyderabad, India. UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. I am also an Art & Design Enthusiast.

  • PHP Developer. I am specialised in PHP & MySQL and Open Source programming, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and web standards. I am also a good designer 2D & 3D (Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D). Check out my portfolio at :

  • Hi am Stella from Ghana, West Africa. A total beginner in web programming. Hope I have your support.

  • Hi

    I am Nelson and I'm living in Luxembourg for the last 4 years. I've born Portuguese but worked in different countries in the last 10 years. I'm an IT Manager that is coming back to development.

    Hope to learn/teach a lot with al of you.

  • I'm Satwik, from India. I'm a web developer, but I also love to develop other kind of applications using many programming language. I'm a kind of a guy who always tinkers with his computer.

    I love being a part of this community. The guides are super-great. I've read many websites, and this is one of the best ones out there.

    P.S:- I love the new look, keep the good work up :)

  • I am a noob front-end developer,and I want to improve my skills by exercise the demo on this website.

  • Hi, this is Jose from Mexico, learning to program the web!.

  • Hello every one, I'm Ali from Denmark and it's a pleasure to be here with you all. I'm studying IT and interested in Back/Front end development.

  • Hi! I'm juan carlos and I'm an Frontend Developer & UI/UX Designer, If there is something I can help, just let me know :) PD: ¡This site is amazing!

  • Hi, I'm Alex. Russian living in Boston, learning web development in my free time.

  • Hi! It's Yukihiro.
    I'm a very beginner of Web Developer. Nice to meet you guys :)

  • Hi guys, I am Gary, a mobile app developer from Hong Kong. I am very interested in web development and I am learning full stack web development and want to change my career to web dev.
    I have been searching around the internet to find tutorials, blogs about web dev, tutorialzine is one of the best site I found at early days. And the new design is very cool, but it's a little bit similar to Treehouse, which is not bad, ha....anyway, thanks so much for the great tutorials!

  • i am hajerbin ,and i from China,i am a web developer in web field , now our team focus on a cloud computing dashboard program , i love web development . But as everyone knows that ,web development moves at breakneck speeds,sometimes i feel upset ,and do not know what to do about new craft && i want to study with people here, hope we have fun together ,thank you .