JS Text Editor

Hey guys i have been learning JS for a while and i wanted to make a project

can someone give me a hand on how to start with your own HTML, CSS, JS Text Editor?

that's the first project i want to focus on to know how things work I am just looking for the right way to start with all this

if the text editor is not really the right term :) it can be called an HTML CSS JS Playground

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  • Hi,
    Do you want to create your own playground or are you looking for one.
    Take care

  • Text editor (like the one appeared here when you wrote this post), or code editor? it's not enough clear to me, sorry.

  • the best way to make it clear is this way

    I want to learn how to make my own online code editor like:
    Codepen or jsbin or like the one Tutorialzine has which frankly was the one that caught my attention so i thought of doing a small project of making my own so i wanted to ask for a good way to start with this maybe theres other ways now to make it since people did it i dunno at 2010-2012