self coding website?

So I was going through some pens and found this heart pen (bet you might have seen it). Right after this pen, the internet went crazy with such sites:

So coming from HTML/CSS background, can anyone explain how they work? PS: Found this on github. Thanks.

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  • Is this a dead community? Why does no one reply on the topics this forum was based on?

  • Counting the fact that you found the pen and you can see the whole code in front of you I assume you are not familiar with CoffeeScript or more precisely JavaScript. So there is on big stylesheet which is being added in the begging and meanwhile the the styling is happening. You can open the developer tools on your browser and inspect the main container, there you can see the elements being added.

  • Yes, I know that I have the whole code in front of me, but I want something like a tutorial or a basic concept of how and why that code works. That's the reason I asked for it in the first place.
    Anyways, thanks for the reply!