Mac, Linux or Windows?

Tell us about the OS you currently use. Have you always preferred it or just recently made the switch?

If you had to use one of the others, which one would be your second choice?

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  • Linux all the way for me. I've tried several distros - Arch, Mint, Fedora. Right now running the latest Ubuntu and loving it.

    If I had to use one of the others, I'd go with Mac I guess. At least its UNIX based.

  • I've been coding from a Macbook pro for years now, so MacOS here. Was a Windows user before that, didn't have any problems with it either.

  • I use windows since all my life, but I think I want to give it a try using Mac

  • Linux (Elementary OS) by Day (coding and stuff)
    Windows by night (Gaming!!)

    PS: Dual boot system :P

  • Mostly Windows 10, but also Linux from time to time(Kali being my favourite distro).

  • I use windows right now, though I'd definitely prefer a linux or unix based OS. I'd definitely like to use a Mac, it offers the best of both worlds for me.

  • From my personal use in all three of the operating systems, the operating system shouldn't really take away from or add to the quality of your work I feel like. As long as you get to your end goal, it's all just a journey in finding where you want to take the project or projects.

  • I use both linux(ubuntu) and windows simultaneously. I always prefer linux over windows, but some of the tools I use are windows only and that's why I'm keeping windows too. So, of course my personal second choice will be windows for I'm a person who want to be in touch with the computer more closely.

  • Changed back to windows 10 recently from Linux Mint, due to gaming (BF1) on same system. Probably should have set up a dual boot, but my server has Linux running on it. Might soon be time for a cleansing.
    Not married to an OS, Windows 10 is quite nice, but Linux Mint has come along way over the years. Most of us remember trying to get video setup properly and editing configuration files with resolution and Hz settings. Ubuntu hit a bit of a bump with pushing Unity which it has reversed, thought it separated the user from the OS, but has lost many of its followers. Thought they were one of the better distros out there for documentation/user base.
    Don't really have a preference, but gaming will always keep windows around, unless Linux improves its gaming engine.

  • Recently switched from Windows to Mac, tried Linux mint on an old vista laptop, re-format of the hard drive. Linux mint worked fine, but I couldn't get used to working with linux especially loading new software. Got fed up with windows 10 and its continuous updates. I have changed the old vista laptop operating system to Raspberry Pi Desktop and it works great just like an actual Raspberry Pi.
    Recently bought an old Macbook Pro on ebay, really pleased with it Mac OS X 10.6,8 so it won't run the latest software - Processing for example no go on Mac OS X 10.6 and OS upgrade is not possible. Still my old windows now Raspberry Pi Desktop will and also Sonic Pi runs fine, so I'll be hanging on to the old windows m/c.
    May look to getting a more up to date Mac but have enjoyed working with an old Mac and it does 95% of what I want it to do.

  • used them all. Best ever was 4.5 years as a very happy OS/2 Warp developer....but I've used Ubuntu for over a decade. Second is BSD on a Mac and can't say it's name. W.

  • I was always a Windows user but I've switched over to MacOS a couple years ago. I still have Windows and Linux Vms on my Mac tho

  • Mac is always faster then windows but it's too costly, windows is cheap and best also beautiful UI. My 1st choice is Mac Sierra, 2nd choice is Windows10.