What are you looking to learn next?

Tell us about your progress as a developer and what you would like to learn and improve. Maybe it's a new programming language, a fancy state-of-the art framework, or a new skill like designing in Photoshop!

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  • I've been thinking of learning Go for a while now. Seems like a really cool language.

  • Hello,
    First I learn Php then codeignator, laravel, nodejs with express, (react and angular as beginner))
    I am here to learn angular 5 with rxjs. and wants to be MEAN OR MERN Developer yet.

  • I'm now learning how to build an online store for a pharmacy using wordpress. I've built an andriod app with a friend last year it was wonderfull.

  • I am basically new to programming. In the last 3 months i've learnt html, css and javascript. Now i am seeking to learn git and everything surrounding it. Anyone wanna help?

  • I'm in the same road, for the last 7 months, I've have resumed learning about all the new frontend technologies, it has been a great help sites like devcode, platzi, udemy, codeschool, youtube of course and a lot more blogs... tell us more about what would you like to reach in programming, web programming, frontend or backend? to help you a little more in your learning path.

  • I want to learn to be a javascript full stack developer. I'm interested in acquiring knowledge and skills on tools such as webpack, npm, nodejs, grunt/gulp, babel, typescript, git and etc. Currently trying to master the funamentals of the JavaScript language. I am familiar with Ionic Framework as well as Angular.

  • I've been learning two programming languages recently, namely Go and Kotlin.
    June 2018 update: I've been using Dart for a while now.

  • Hi,
    I am new to programing though I know somewhat HTML, CSS and Javascript. I am learning to create dynamic website. Along with I am learning php.

  • I actually a PHP Programmer, but only beginning my career as a web developer. I always love nice, simple and sleek design, so i'm looking forward to be learning more about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and so on. To be truth, i've always wanted to learn about network security. You could say to become ethical hacker. But that's a story for another day.

  • At 51 I have taken a leap and started a new career path!! It is exciting and overwhelming, as is anything new, but i will march on and Beautify the web.

  • Hi,
    I am new to programming though I know somewhat HTML, CSS and Javascript. I want to learn GoLang as well.

  • I'd like to start with Javascript frontend  frameworks such as Angular, React etc. Thanks for the resources!

  • Hey, I've been designing and developing websites for over 20 years but there's always more to learn! I recently used the photo gallery featured on this site https://tutorialzine.com/2017/02/freebie-4-bootstrap-galleries and I signed up to find out what more there is.

  • I'm a beginning developer looking for a job. I have been coding for a little less than a year now. I've become quite good with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Node, Express, Wordpress, Photoshop and am in the process of learning React. I can work with APIs and can even create RESTful API's. The biggest problem I have is organizing larger projects. I know object oriented programming and functional programming but I don't know how to use them well enough to keep my code clean and maintainable.
    I have a lot of sample (fake) projects and will put them into my professional portfolio soon, but I feel like people won't hire me unless I have a lot of real client experience but I don't really know how to find clients. In short, I have the skills but am feeling a little overwhelmed trying to put it all together and go job hunting...

  • I 'm learning Entity framework using Visual studio C#2017.I am building VS C# Project,

  • My boss wanted me to create a FAQs page in google docs with drop down answers. So I did a google search and here I am.

  • Hello,
    I want to learn to be a javascript full stack developer.Thanks for your forum.

  • looking to learn securing a website & Customer info... also looking at learing React/React native, JS, PHP

  • I started learning Robot Framework for automating tests. It's a keyword driven language and is easy to grasp so far

  • Hi, i am a senior automation testing at Logigear VN company, i would like to learn about automation test on web

  • Hey All Im looking to get better at javascript and learn react so i can start freelancing.

  • Hiii
    Kinda trying the self-taught path, so far so good. I've learnt about enough of HTML and CSS and built a few websites for fun and practice. I've also started to grasp some of the basics of JQuery, Javascript, and have done Pyhton in the past. My next step is, I want to learn Java and possibly make an app for the android platform, I have many good ideas and plans but the only thing restricting me from proceeding is my limited knowledge and experience with Java and other langs. x)

  • Hello, I just found Tutorialzine.com online looking for the next level of html document structure. I am learning HTML5 and CSS3 with books, videos and online tutorials. I need some clean templates that I can modify or just read the code from for practice. I am sure you know I found all of that and a lot more here.
    I use a Linux-based OS; getting ready to tackle going back to Debian because all the Linux distros are going systemd or modifying Firefox private browser. So I tend to swim upstream. All the really glitzy stuff goes by well over my head, swoosh.... I saw some really clean layouts and designs on this site to learn from and be inspired by.

    • After a thorough course of basics I intend to revisit JavaScript; with all new ideas in mind.
    • Currently practicing Python code examples while learning programming fundamentals.
    • Not using frameworks yet, but Bootstrap examples are sure a lot of fun!
      Thanks for sharing what you have created and contributed to here.
  • Hello, I have a bit knowledge upon HTML, CSS, Javascript.I would like to improve in all the three languages.

  • I've started to learn GIMP2, I'm also interested to learn C++ 14 and 17 version, I used to program in C++ 10, I know some features from C++11. I'm now learning Javascript and I contribute to a Chrome Extension so I'm learning about the Chrome API. I'm also passioned about algorithms. I like git, I'm not the best gitter yet.

  • Hello there, over 20 years of art experience, 19 of them I've been tattooing. Looking to take those and apply them to game and app design. Self taught in Photoshop, illustrator, sketchbook, and a handful of other programs. Ground floor in programming, but I'm currently obsessed with unity and Unreal Engine. So I know I'll get a hold of it sooner or later

  • Just discovered Tutorialzine and I'm looking forward to learning a lot.

  • I'm improving my understanding of HTML and CSS while also learning JavaScript with the hope of being employed as a Front End Developer down the road. Working my way through the freecodecamp beta program right now.

  • Hello, I've been working with HTML, Javascript, CSS for over a year and have gained a lot of experience with these languages. But I feel like no matter how much experience I have, I still have a lot to learn and improve in these languages. Hence I'm here and look forward to improving and helping others in this community.
    I also have been working with PHP and SQL for about a year and have liked it so far. And again, look forward to improving and helping others.
    I want to learn react since it seems promising. Look forward to it.

    Thanks and happy coding to you all.

  • Hi,
    I'm dale. I completely new to the web development and programming languages. I like to learn more about the javascript frameworks and want to be a CSS master.

  • Hi, am Samuel and am trying to get good at developing desktop applications on the electrons framework with javascript. i have some experience with web based applications with javascript however i had gone a while without coding which rendered me a little rusty but now am set to get my groove back on and would be so glad to have support from you guys. I am open to joining teams and learning new things or even better ways to go about this, thank you.

  • I want to strengthen my Javascript skills and be updated to the famous and latest Library and Frameworks

  • hey all, i am a beginner front end developer... i hope i ll learn much better from u people...
    Thanks to tutorialzine.

  • I am basically new to programming. In the last 3 months i've learnt html, css and javascript. Now i am seeking to learn git, MongoDB and angular 5.

  • I learned a lot in PHP and all that but now what i am looking for is something different and unique where i can apply my own ideas and build something creative, My area of interest are Animations and Effects using a Tool or by Scripts, I love jQuery libraries and would like to learn more and more libraries.

  • I want to learn everything about website security,and also want to learn php very well to become a pro,i also want to learn codeigniter and how to transfer website made with codeigniter to pure php code.thanks.

  • Wish to Learn Bootstrap 4 and symphony.

    Already started from basic.

  • I started learning machine learning and i would like to learn more on this, but mostly interested in front end technologies,photoshop,css,js tricks

  • I'm a full stack developer, using C# at the server side. I have a good knowledge of Node.js but don't use it for work yet. I come here to extend my knowledge of languages and frameworks that I'm using for work. Recently, I'm learning React Native and am developing a mobile app.

  • I've been learning python for the last few weeks, and so far it's a great language.

  • I am still new. I know the very basics of HTML & CSS. I'd like to learn those a little more deeply and then move towards Javascript and building a full stack.

  • Greetings everyone. I am a graphic designer who is planning to learn web development. I am currently learning Bootstrap. I started with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. BTW...I design web pages with Photoshop.

  • I am here to get mentored by experienced Developers. I have chosen this path and is learning on my own. I belong from India. :-)

  • Hi all,

    I have been thinking of a web app exclusively for developers where they can choose the requirements and the system suggests suitable programming languages, tools, libraries and frameworks. It also displays links to their original sites, Wiki articles (if any). Thinking of starting with Angular or React

  • Hi ..
    I want to learn the language of Python and the PHP language .. and to develop my skills in artificial intelligence

  • Well i started with Learning PHP,
    then learned HTML & CSS
    then i learned Javascript
    then C & C++
    then Node
    then Codeignitor
    then Sass & Tailwind
    then Vue js

    Currently ongoing:
    Haskell & Ruby

    Planning to:
    Kotlin and android devlopment

  • I'm looking for a job to start my career as a web developer. I'm thinking of mastering react and mern stack.

  • i would like to learn how to create a dashboard using either bootrap or metro or make my own css

  • I am a developer and developed few tools such as.

    1. https://jsonformatter.org
    2. https://codebeautify.org
    3. https://hexcolorcodes.org

    Now I want to learn python and nodejs.

  • I've used some of your tools before! That's awesome, you're very talented. code beautify i've known about since I started learning development. I would love to learn from you.

  • i have learned c++ basics and further i would like to learn animation in c++
    also i would like to learn other programming languages

  • Hi Everybody, I'm new to programming and web development. at the moment I'm using Coursera.org to learn how to code. and its going pretty well. I'm sure this site will be a big help. the article "12 Awesome CSS3 Features, you can finally start using" its awesome. even though I'm late reading it. I just shows the power of CSS3.

  • Hello! Happy to be a part of the community. I am a web developer and learning node now. I really looking forward to get help from the community.

  • I am new to web development and i would like to master the basics first meaning html,css, javascript and php then proceed to frameworks such as laravel

  • I am a backend developer using NodeJS + Express but would like to learn frontend too especially VueJS.

  • Hi
    I'm here to learn about Wordpress development, php (laravel) and Node as back-end and everything about javascript as my front-end

  • Hey all, I'm getting into web development. Currently learning HTML and CSS. I want to build beautiful interactive websites.

  • I have keen interest in Animations and Web and I would like to learn to make better web based applications with good meaningful animations and design. I want to start React as well.

  • thank you for this website i am know this website long time ago and i find it again in my bookmark and i back

  • Hi there, just starting. Learning HTML5 and CSS3 best practices. I am reading Jon Duckett books:

    • HTML&CSS - design and build websites.
    • JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY - Interactive front-end web development.

    They´re not new books, but they´re well written and easy to follow.

    I have 3 months and 20 days untill I get enough knowledge to nail down my first full stack position here in Massachusetts.
    Any suggestion on how to put up a really stunning portfolio?

    Thank you,

    Delubio de Paula

  • Я мечтаю стать отличным дизайнером, владею програмами Photoshop, Illustrator,CorelDrow,Автокадом и Флешем

  • ~~hello**~~i learn how to create new things i'ven thinking of learning Go for a while now. Seems like a really cool language.

  • I want to learn the front end frameworks link backbone, react, angular and ember.

  • I want to get into Vim, it's much lighter than say Atom or VS Code. I've also been learning about UI design, ect. And building performant apps because nowadays new sites that come out are heavy with assets. I want to build fast, light, secure, mobile first sites.

  • I'm a beginner on React. In my country internet is so slow and expensive. So how can I learn React offline?

  • For React development, I use node.js. It's a program to write javascript out of the browser. If you install node, a editor(I use atom or visual studio, but it's all preference) and install git, it's a great way to have a practice space. Theres a npm package you can install globally called create-react-app, that when ran makes a starter project that you can use to develop, and comes with a service worker for offline hotloading on your localhost. Occasionally you'll need to update npm so you're packages aren't stale, but they work to learn. Theres many ebooks on the subject, I'd be happy to guide you to some good ones. And to quickly visualize front end ideas, Web Maker app works offline in your browser. (It's like codepen offline) and it's dope. Hope this helps, and you're welcome to reply if you have any more questions. I love to learn this stuff, I'm looking for my first job too, and want to help others if I at all can.

  • Want to continue learning NERD stack, then Ruby on Rails. That would be cool. Would love to be part of a awesome project. or come up with something. Anyone wanna pair program?

  • I have only just started learning web designing using coursera. I have learned HTML and CSS but I would like to become a full stack web developer. On my journey to do so, I want to put my skills to test by creating small projects. I would greatly appreciate any help the community can provide.

  • For me it's time to become a better frontend developer. First step to learn PHP better and an upgrade for CSS, HTML and Javascript.

  • I wish to learn game development in order to improve my application design and to gamify the user experience in the programs I develop.

  • Been learning reactJS these past week. I see why people love to work with it, it's pretty intuitive, even tho some people will say otherwise because of its extensive JavaScript codebase. I'm looking forward to integrate it with Strapi - A easy way to create and manage APIs. Looks promising. Check it out and let us know what are your thoughts.

  • I started learning what needed for web development, more precisely front-end development, and I want to learn more and more programming languages, such as php, laravel, oop, how to create API, and etc.

  • I pretty new into coding, I've learn HTML and CSS and want to learn more phyton and SQL.

  • I thinking to learn javascript as of now. In my surrounding i heard a lot of time from my friends that once you have very good knowledge over this scripting language then you may get very good amount of salary packages from the various big brands.

  • Hello,
    l am learning python.
    I want to learn to be a full stack developer.

  • I would like to learn how to better manipulate the Document Object Model (the DOM).

  • I am a freelancer and coding is my hobby ... I feel so good when I am able to create something new ... I will like to learn php, Android, HTML, and Python if possible. I will also like to work on other languages if I got opportunity in future ...

  • I m really happy being there. i google a lot n see so many kind of websites and read there turorial and articles. but after reaching there on this website i dont need to go anywhere i think thnkeww so much for providing us such a knowledgable articles.

  • Hi guys, am glad to be on board. Am a big programming enthusiast. Hope I get to learn new things and up my web development skills

  • Hey, there. Rafael here.

    For while, I got some notion about codes and programming languages structures (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON), I know how it works, but, I need to confess, I'm a complete newbie.

    So, let's start. I'm excited to improve my skills. Hope to help too.


    w/l, rox

  • I reeeealy wanna learn about the latest Polymer 3.0, there is literally no comprehensive tutorial out there for it. Other than that I wanna learn more about Web Components, PWA, Machine Learning and I would also like to learn programming with Go

  • I started getting into SPA programming, cross devices. Have found VueJS working fantastic as it is much simpler than React, a little bit faster, and most of all, easier to understand. React has too many options where programmers can make a good old fashion Spageti Code (but this time, hiding between too many definitions)

    I am an old fart programmer (35 years and counting) but still like to keep me floating by learning. From all the languages I have learned so far VueJS stands above them all. (I know about 20).

    It is clean, direct, and most important, code that you can give another programmer and he would understand it fast (without putting too many console.log etc)

  • Hello,

    I am 1 year into learning web development,
    mostly a designer. But just started learning JavaScript!

  • Hallo. Ik ben een nieuwe student ;-) Ik studeer Html , Css , javascript & Php en Acces ;-)

  • I am trying to learn javascript, I hope my hair doesn't fall out by the time I get it

  • how to use google api for speech to text in my website. please suggest.

  • hi I'm an autodidact who love learn new stuff,
    I'm learning several programming languages like Lua C# Java Js
    i took some courses on Udacity on Android
    I've learned the basics of some frameworks and libraries like Lov2d, Monogame, Libgdx and React
    I consider myself a big novice, i have so much to learn
    my ultimate purpose is creating games as a indie developer,
    I'm not great on creating artwork
    believe in yourdelf and have fun coding

  • I've been coding some web sites and want to up my skills above the introductory level...

  • Hi guys...I am looking for registration form contact for my site, please.

  • Hello, I'm new to the programming world. I'm currently learning JavaScript. Looking for any help I can get, if you know of any resources, books or websites please let me know.

  • I have learnt so much in such a short period of time thx to Udemy, Linux Academy, Code Pen, YouTube and so much more.
    But the thing I have noticed is that there are so many different ways of doing something and not enough time to learn it all.
    Html5, CSS, jQuery, node.js and SASS is at the top of my list. Next it's SQL, php, Angular and C#.
    Learning the difference between a web designer and developer but actually a Front End Developer needs to know it all.

  • I'm already a pro @ Java, Android, PHP, i'm currently on my way to adding Javascript to the list.

  • Hi! i'm student of system engineering, I really like this programm style, I send greeting from Argentina

  • Hi,

    My name is Robert Hieger. I am now at the end of a nearly 12-year concerted effort at bringing together my skills as a developer. In 2011, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Integrated Web Development and Applications. In 2017, I earned my Master of Science in Integrated Digital Media at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

    Though I have learned much, I still lack practical experience and find myself trying to connect the dots between disparate skills. Right now, I am approaching the end of a boot camp style online training at Woz U in their Software Engineer track, focused on Full Stack Web and Mobile Development/Design.

    I am passionate about learning, filling in the blanks, connecting the dots and gaining practical experience on the job, as a paid intern or junior developer/designer and eventually as an independent consultant.

    I look forward to contributing to the tutorialzine community.

    —Robert Hieger

  • I started web development with django some years back and i completely neglected the UI/UX designs. Its one of the things limiting me as a web developer

  • Hello All, I am here to learn Javascript, Angular and node.js.

  • I am a holistic writer of a book, title: "The E(Re)volution of all things". I need about 10 Unicode symbols. They have to reflect how great thinkers think. One, for example, has to reflect Einstein's thinking. Another has to reflect the essentials of creativity. Up to the end of 2018, there has been no philosophy or theory of creativity. The third will reflect freedom in an unique manner. This symbol will a have seven point star indicated by seven arrows. I have prepared diagrams of them with MS Word on a 0.8-mm back-ground screen. I am an artist also so that the symbols will reflect complexity with simplicity with the YinYang symbol ☯ (2500 years old) as complexity☯simplicity. It will make use of energy☯entropy in the sense of Ilya Prigogine's (Nobel Prize, chemistry) marvelous studies "Irreversible Self-Organisation" and "From being to becoming" in which i will use them as Being☯Becoming
    Thank you for attention. Best wishes. At (Adriaan) de Lange.