Need Help to Make (Digital or Analog) Clock Chime.

!Hello All. A few days ago i followed a tutorial to make a standard analog clock. the tutorial worked as described. The only thing it was missing was a tic-toc sound. I found a tic-toc .wav sound and embedded it the the html script. When I ran the clock's index file in Chrome and Firefox I can hear the tic-toc.wav and it because it ticks every second I'm happy with it. however, I then remembered a wind-up clock that belonged to my grandparents that would chime once every 1/4 hour, twice every half hour. three times every 3/4 hour and make a number of gong like sound (s) for each hour. If it was lets say 08:am the clock would gong 8 times, etc.
I looked for a Html/css/Java script that would chime like i described above but could not. This morning I found here, on this site, a tutorial for an Alarm Clock and another one with a timer and stopwatch. I was able to add my "tic-toc.wav file to it (the Alarm Clock only) tutorial and even thought the alarm clock from this site is a digital clock the tic-toc sound is amusing. I have the chime and gong mp3 sound files already therefore I seem to only need a script that will trigger the sound at the correct times.
So being new to web page coding I'd like to know just what I'd have to do to modify of create a script that would make a clock chime and gong like I wish?
Please help if You can. Also, please make any replies understandable for a beginning coding Noobie like me.
Thank You......

Richard Wesley, aka Deathrow Bo Dean

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