Super Workers

Hi, I created super-workers ( recently.

Super-workers is a JavaScript library which helps in distributing the load on front-end via parallelism. It is basically a multi-threaded architecture implementing Priority Task Queue internally to boost up websites speed and performance. It has a fully fledged API.

Comments 2

  • Great work! This looks like a serious tool for handling processing tasks on the frontend. I hope that it gains popularity, as I see great potential in using queues instead of hand coding workers.

    Did you make your library with some specific use case in mind (like machine learning)?

  • Thanks a lot Martin!

    Yea, I created it for tackling huge computations on front-end. I had to deal with same problem in one of my projects, so keeping in mind that it could be used for improving webpage performance and solving jankyness, I developed it generically.

    I started using web-workers in my project and I thought it would be great to have queues and a multi-threaded architecture of its own so that we could have more flexibility over using it.

    Would love to have it published in Tutorialzine newsletter and at other places.