Css is better or Less

I want to know the Less is used evrywere or only somewere....

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  • Hey,

    Less is used for in development process that you can use functions and variables in Less-CSS
    Note that less is just for development if you move your website to production it is better to compile your less to minified css since if you use less in browser you will need a third party tool that compiles it to css and this will make your website slower.

    I hope this helps you out,

  • LESS does not work in browser. So irrespectively whether you are in development stage or in the production one, you have to compile LESS to CSS and call the CSS files from your HTML. Usually the compilation is done on the fly using task runner (say Gulp) and the respective LESS compilator plugin.

    To my opinion it should not matter for you if LESS is widely used or not. In broader sense if you ever plan to engage CSS in your web development, you will inevitably come to using LESS (or SASS/SCSS) instead. Make an experiment. Write 20-30 lines of CSS for some of your site. Then write the same in LESS. Your senses will tell you why use LESS.

  • CSS is better when compared with LESS but it all depends on the project you are tackling with.

  • Hello Nitin,

    Ho, I think there is a confusion there.

    Css is always the "language" interpreted by the browser.

    Less or Sass, are engines (preprocessors) that are used in your coding process to help making your code more "readable", and "clear", by adding some functionalities usually available in a more "complex" programming language, like "function", and "variables". Those engines finally produce a clean CSS, statically or "on the fly".

    Anyway, using Less or Sass is always better.

    A long answer : https://css-tricks.com/sass-vs-less/