I´m learning JS, what should i learn first?

I'm a student and i want to learn how to JS....

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  • Hello there Miguel, where are you from?

    I've been in your position and I'm still learning. Here are some websites that I found quite useful:

    Also, you could get some good books if you are into reading. I personally like these two: Smarter way to learn JS and Interactive Front-End Web Development

    Hope this helps man,


  • Hi! well I'm From Nicaragua, I'm pretty sure the info you gave will work for me.

  • Hi Miguel, Nica here to! #Managua

    I learned JS from multiple good sources such as Codecademy, YouTube, Lynda.com, etc but i recently bought

  • Hi Fernando. How's it going? . I'm from Rosita, RACCN... Well I started with codeacademy few days ago also I use YouTube, but i didn't ever hear about Lynda.com, I'll try it. Thank you.

  • Excelent!! I'm from Brazil and JS is getting a little bit required everywhere in here!! Really need to learn it a lot! Thanx folks!!!