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✌🏻 Hello everyone! As developers we spend quite a lot of ⌚️ in our code trying to create the best looking yet functional websites or programs. And sometimes we might believe that our program is the best 😏 but, that's not quite true πŸ˜•. So I've created this discussion to gather feedback to improve the looks ✨ or the performance πŸš€of your program or website. This will give us the chance to help us one another and learn πŸ“– in the process. So, I encourage ✊🏻 you all to publish any projects you want to get feedback from.

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  • Imma go ahead and break the ice with mine.

    Here's my online portfolio (still in the works), to showcase all my works and it's also my kind of sandbox to improve my web development skills. I created this website inspired on another one I saw and added some extra cool features such as the typing thingy and the live chat. Things that i'm planning to do next:

    • Optimize the web development process by using gulp
    • Change from CSS to SASS
    • Create some kind of CMS to add more projects to my portfolio (got tired of adding them manually/hardcoded ). What could be good for this? I'm looking into Firebase, just to mess around with it.

    Any input or recommendation is appreciate it, good or not so good (There's no such thing of a bad input)

    Thanks! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • You did a great job on this site. I love the responsiveness of it. Although at first glance it may seem "busy", it is not overbearing, and so smooth! Keep up the great work.

  • One of the best websites I've seen in a long time. Great work there, keep it up dude :)

  • Your portfolio is dope,
    nice flow
    According to me, I didn't like the part where you saying " I'm a student " Just focus on showing your skills and what you can offer to the site visitors.

    Also kindly remove these words from your site "I'm just a simple guy who happens to know a thing or two..."

    Please no, it shows you still doubt yourself and you need more time to build your skills -- rephrase those words and let the reader know you are the guy who knows Branding and Web staff, ready to meet needs of every clients. (that is an example)

    Be confident with your presentation and let it sound fully professional like someone who is good at what he does and is not a student who is still learning. " yes you may be in school" but any potential client doesn't want to hear they are dealing with a student, Just focus on "what I'm good at and what I can do for you"


  • Hello Peter!! I appreciate the feedback!! Just updated the website and applied the suggested changes! I also Just graduated so I don't have a need to say that I'm a student anymore!!! :)

  • HI Agnel,

    Nice portfolio. I really like the presentation and the projects you had worked on. Keep such as nice job.

  • Hello Cristian restrepo, thanks for the feedback! Feel free to share yours on this thread if you like. :)

  • Yes , there is

    1. Try avoid large images on home page like and
    2. Use some libraries to minimize your js files ! check here yours or do it manully for product via
  • this is the last website i made: (English and Italian version are in works). The most interesting feature is the integration of stripe, so one can book and pay directly (

    Feedback is appreciated *be nice Β΄:)

  • Love it, It's clean and feels very lightweight. Although I believe it would be a lot cleaner if you called the css externally instead of a stile tag. Also, love the menu, pretty slick and love how it expands and collapses so smoothly. Just saw the booking part. AWESOME Good job man! πŸ™ŒπŸ» πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Although I believe it would be a lot cleaner if you called the css externally instead of a stile tag.

    i actually just recently started this practice. since i serve the website via http/2 it should not have a impact on the loading time... i got the idea from google: view-source:

    and thank you man for the flowers :)

  • This is of the latest websites I've created.

    Minimal custom theme based on UIkit framework on WordPress platform.

    Thanks ;)

  • You did a great job on your site. I love the responsiveness in it, It was so smooth! Really it was a great work. And I am a newbie, I like to learn and design a good looking and responsive website on my own.

  • Hi Agnes, your site is great !! im not experienced developer yet, but after i see your web i feel want to learn more and more so i can make a good portfolio website for myself !

  • Hey thanks for the feedback Kafin! And hey, if you are interested in web development, you are already on the right track! All it takes is a little patience and commitment! I just released my first article on begginner web development Here Go read it if you feel like it! Would really appreciate the feedback! If you need any feedback for a project you are working on let me know! Good luck!

  • This is the best web site i have seen, because we can learn many things from here
    i like to move with this ...

  • Hey Thanks Arjun, I'm pretty sure you can achieve an awesome looking website as well!

  • Hello, i have 3 projects:
    1.- WooCoommerce License Manager
    This project is a plugin for woocommerce, which will add license keys to the products, these can have 2 states (available | used), at the moment that an order goes to the completed state and has a product which contains a license. will be sent automatically and will change its status to used.

    2.- WhoUr
    WhoUr is a simple tool in python for getting info of a website and scan sqli vul with google. this is fast but is not powerful, actually is under construction, but is usefully.

    3.- MandanaCSSGrid
    This a simple Css Grid System with Grid Layout, you can use from 1 to 12 col inside a .row.

  • Here's my latest project: TablePlus
    It's a native GUI tool that allows you to simultaneously manage multiple DB such as MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server... in a fast and secure way.

    Some lighlights:

    • Native build optimized for performance
    • Modern UI makes it easy for new users to adapt
    • Smart SQL Query Editor to work with query easier.
    • A spreadsheet-like view to interact with table data and database structure easier.
    • A plugin system to extend the app beyond the basic features.

    If you work with relational databases regularly, check it out. Any feedback are welcomed :)


  • Hey Tung Thanh Nguyen: I think the blog section of the site would look better if the heading colors are consistent with the primary colors of the page. So this:current could look better like this(with a little text-align center) : proposed
    Thanks. Nice work all in all

  • i want to create asset register system on my shop using php, mysql but idonnot know php code well, please help me php
    source codes

  • datadable does not work on my system i use sql and php but not sqli

  • Thanks for posting your valuable thoughts with us & our readers. Please keep coming & continue commenting on this blog.

  • hello .i'm a new web programmer thanks a lot for creating this feedback to help each other

  • Hi there, I joined because I have a test on sql and need to study quickly. However, I love the spirit of the site and can't wait to learn more!!

  • Hope to learn something from someone and also get to teach someone something...

  • Hello,

    You have given some Exaples of Responsive Footers along with code and a line saying FREE FOR COMMERIAL USE.

    I found one of your codes apt for my website and I have downloaded your code.

    I need to know whether i can use the examples with codes for my Websites / Projects.

    Thanking you,

    Joshi Bharateesha Madhwa