Can Progressive Web Apps work on iOS?

I know that all iOS devices run only Safari and don't support other browsers (Chrome on iOS is just a wrapper for the Safari engine). But Safari is pretty limited in terms of JavaScript APIs and most progressive web app features aren't supported there.

Doesn't this kind of make PWAs pointless? They will work only on Android, while iOS has a pretty large market share. How do other developers deal with this, is there a way to make web apps that work well on both platforms?

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  • There are header meta tags that you can put in your HTML to enable PWA-like functionality. With them you can do things like enable full screen and change the status bar style. However, they are not standardized and are far less convenient than the Web Manifest.

  • The real problem is that even if you manage to create a PWA-like experience with iOS meta tags, you still cant use many JavaScript APIs that would otherwise work in Chrome.

  • iOS wants to keep having a strong control over the apps a user can install/execute. That's why progressive web apps are technically feasible but maybe you'll never see them in action on an Apple device. The stupid thing is that you can still see the webapp if you open with a browser.

    The second part of your post is not correct: iOS has a great market share in the US, but outside US Apple is the mobile phone for rich people only. The 80% of the devices of the world is Android. Maybe it is not so pointless ....