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Can i make website only using the PHP Code ?

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  • Well you can make a plain text website using only echo or print :-P
    For a professional website you need to learn HTML and CSS.

  • Hi,
    You would be best to use a combination of php with html, css and javascript.
    If it is a one page site. Then go with html, css and javascript.

    I tend to use php if I need to use a database or forms.

    Goodl luck.

  • php+mysql+html+css+jquery is the best combo for making website. PHP alone like an engine without body.

  • PHP is a server-side script that executes on a server in the "cloud" to do useful stuff like manipulate and store/retrieve data from a database. Websites are (normally) viewed in a browser. Browsers render things client-side (ie. on your computer) Browsers understand HTML, CSS, Javascript and use that code to render the website in the browser window, so normally you will require to use HTML at least if you want to display a formatted page.
    As previously mentioned, you can output plain text from PHP so you could just use only PHP for a website, but it would not look very nice, and there would be no on page functionality at all. Not even basic stuff like clickable links. Just text.

  • Hello Rajucb15,

    PHP is used to generate HTML, it's a "back-end" programming language.

    For the "front-end", you have to learn at last HTML/CSS to create your website.


  • let me just say No, You would need HTML and CSS for structuring and making everything look good on the website. But if u want to display only plain text, then You can use just php. I would advice u to find tutorials. You could use just PHP and HTML/CSS for a project and it will work fine.