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  • Yes, I know that I have the whole code in front of me, but I want something like a tutorial or a basic concept of how and why that code works. That's the reason I asked for it in the first place.
    Anyways, thanks for the reply!

  • Is this a dead community? Why does no one reply on the topics this forum was based on?

  • Linux (Elementary OS) by Day (coding and stuff)
    Windows by night (Gaming!!)

    PS: Dual boot system :P

  • So I made a theme, and used a simple python script to convert markdown like template (actually a text file) to html by parsing it through the theme. (Theme was made using twig like templating)
    Directory Structure is as follows:


    Each index.html under posts of generated site is linked to common css, js directories, to prevent multiple callbacks.

    Now can you help me create the main index page, which should list all these blog posts, along with pagination (see image below, I would like to make it similar to that of tutorialzine, using cards!). I'm a bit poor in javascript and php, so any help would be greatful!