sam person

Joined on Feb 14th 2018


  • I'm a beginning developer looking for a job. I have been coding for a little less than a year now. I've become quite good with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Node, Express, Wordpress, Photoshop and am in the process of learning React. I can work with APIs and can even create RESTful API's. The biggest problem I have is organizing larger projects. I know object oriented programming and functional programming but I don't know how to use them well enough to keep my code clean and maintainable.
    I have a lot of sample (fake) projects and will put them into my professional portfolio soon, but I feel like people won't hire me unless I have a lot of real client experience but I don't really know how to find clients. In short, I have the skills but am feeling a little overwhelmed trying to put it all together and go job hunting...