Robert Masters

Joined on Apr 19th 2018


  • I would say it depends what languages you use the most. also there are so many good ones that you can get totally free of charge that you can trial out quite a few until you find the one that fits. when I started with Sublime I had to install Emmet whereas editors like VS Code and the IDEs from Jet Brains (like Web Storm/Php Storm) have it built in. pretty much all that everyone else has mentioned are decent.

  • I was a dedicated Sublime Text 'er for a good few years but I've been using VS Code a lot more these days because of the built in support for javascript off the bat. I find it really powerful and pretty much as lightweight plus it has the added benefit of built in GIT control out of the box. Also started using both PHP Storm and Web Storm for PHP and JavaScript but there's a lot more to learn with a full IDE