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Fullstack Node Developer/Code Artist. I want to be a digital nomad.
  • Using the command line on linux, once you get the hang of it, makes installing programs, packages, and file management a breeze. Start with Ubuntu, it's very user friendly, or hey(pssssst... there's a linux distro for steam gaming. I know, whaaat.) Its called steam linux. Woop.

  • For coding and personal preference as a OS I use Ubuntu or Arch Linux(Ubuntu for simplicity, Arch because I custom built it from source and it's a project). For my creative cloud subscription and design, (basically anything not able to be used on Linux.) I use windows 10, mainly for gaming and because I can't afford a mac. xD Windows is getting better for development, at least there is Git Bash and Windows subsystem for Linux now.

  • I've used some of your tools before! That's awesome, you're very talented. code beautify i've known about since I started learning development. I would love to learn from you.

  • For React development, I use node.js. It's a program to write javascript out of the browser. If you install node, a editor(I use atom or visual studio, but it's all preference) and install git, it's a great way to have a practice space. Theres a npm package you can install globally called create-react-app, that when ran makes a starter project that you can use to develop, and comes with a service worker for offline hotloading on your localhost. Occasionally you'll need to update npm so you're packages aren't stale, but they work to learn. Theres many ebooks on the subject, I'd be happy to guide you to some good ones. And to quickly visualize front end ideas, Web Maker app works offline in your browser. (It's like codepen offline) and it's dope. Hope this helps, and you're welcome to reply if you have any more questions. I love to learn this stuff, I'm looking for my first job too, and want to help others if I at all can.

  • Did you have an idea in mind? What is it that you like to build?

  • Want to continue learning NERD stack, then Ruby on Rails. That would be cool. Would love to be part of a awesome project. or come up with something. Anyone wanna pair program?