Lydia Saxton

Joined on Mar 8th 2018


  • Hello, I just found online looking for the next level of html document structure. I am learning HTML5 and CSS3 with books, videos and online tutorials. I need some clean templates that I can modify or just read the code from for practice. I am sure you know I found all of that and a lot more here.
    I use a Linux-based OS; getting ready to tackle going back to Debian because all the Linux distros are going systemd or modifying Firefox private browser. So I tend to swim upstream. All the really glitzy stuff goes by well over my head, swoosh.... I saw some really clean layouts and designs on this site to learn from and be inspired by.

    • After a thorough course of basics I intend to revisit JavaScript; with all new ideas in mind.
    • Currently practicing Python code examples while learning programming fundamentals.
    • Not using frameworks yet, but Bootstrap examples are sure a lot of fun!
      Thanks for sharing what you have created and contributed to here.