alexandre iosimura

Joined on Jun 15th 2017


  • Hi, My name is Alexandre and am based today in Brazil, but i beleve that i will live in Toronto, CA in next August of 2017.
    I have more than ten years of experience in development of systems as full stack developer, creating solutions for administrative support of companies, documentation for gathering requirements and management for systems development.

    Some IT Knowledge Synthesis: Linux Operating Systems (Install/Config/Services) ; Windows Server (Install/Config/Services); VMWare; VBA (For Access/ Excell), Visual Basic 6; Oracle Database (PL/SQL); PostgreSql; ASP; SQL Server (T-Sql/SSIS); MySql; CMS (Drupal / Joomla); IIS / Apache; PHP / .Net, C#, HTML5; CSS; JavaScrit (CRUD)/ Node.js; Java EE/JSP; DevOps; MVC; Android Dev (AppInventor);

    See y'all around!