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  • I would suggest you to learn bootstrap first because of your actual background, then less or sass (I'd rather prefer Post-CSS) and finally go for javascript, Why? Because bootstrap will help you a lot building faster and better responsive webs or apps, and pre-processors are also (as bootstrap) more easy to learn and shouldn't take you a long time to master in this fundamentals and structural technologies, so then you could finally go for a longer and more abstract (but very important and "fun") journey whit javascript. Take care!

  • I'm in the same road, for the last 7 months, I've have resumed learning about all the new frontend technologies, it has been a great help sites like devcode, platzi, udemy, codeschool, youtube of course and a lot more blogs... tell us more about what would you like to reach in programming, web programming, frontend or backend? to help you a little more in your learning path.