Didier Martin

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  • Hello Palito,

    For that kind of application, it would be better to use a Socket server in the back-end instead of Mysql. The load will be extremely quickly be high.

    If you feel happy using JS, go to SOCKET.IO


  • Hello Rajucb15,

    PHP is used to generate HTML, it's a "back-end" programming language.

    For the "front-end", you have to learn at last HTML/CSS to create your website.


  • Hello Nitin,

    Ho, I think there is a confusion there.

    Css is always the "language" interpreted by the browser.

    Less or Sass, are engines (preprocessors) that are used in your coding process to help making your code more "readable", and "clear", by adding some functionalities usually available in a more "complex" programming language, like "function", and "variables". Those engines finally produce a clean CSS, statically or "on the fly".

    Anyway, using Less or Sass is always better.

    A long answer : https://css-tricks.com/sass-vs-less/

  • Hi Eric,

    As you feel ready to go with front-end static pages, I think the natural next step would be to learn a language for the back-end.

    The most popular language still the PHP, it's still easy to learn, it forgive you lot of mistakes, and because of its syntax close to the C, you would easy next discover other languages with more constraints. (Java, C#, ...)

    Plus, cheapest hosting packages always support PHP, ...

    But if you would to try fancy languages, (which I don't recommend), you can try Python, Ruby, Perl. The cons of those powerful languages is their syntax don't look like any other languages, and not all hosting companies offer hosting packages that support those kind of tech.

    So, go to PHP, and, Mysql, because a database would be immediately necessary.


  • Hello,

    For developing, my opinion is that there is no alternative to compare with IntelliJ IDEA or Php storm family.

    Otherwise, if you seek about a good simple text editor, I think the old NotePad ++, still does the job better anyway.


  • Hi everyone, my name Didier.

    Let me introduce myself.

    I'm from Belgium but I'm living in Romania. With my wife, we created a company (Motanica Web Srl) which create managed solutions.

    I'm a French native speaker, so my English is not always perfect. Apologies about that...

    Basically I'm a full stack Developer for about 18 years, but today, frankly, as I became project leader by necessity, I develop less, and I fall behind the latest technologies.

    But I'm still trying to keep up to date ... That's why I'm here today, to share, to learn and to bring what I can to the community.