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  • I'm still using Jquery for some of my frontend side projects.

    I understand how it can get really overwhelming if one starts to chase "the hot new framework" from the bowels of Silicon Valley. Choice is the modern day equivalent of "tech gluttony".

    I would recommend to stop chasing the trends, and double down on what you know.

  • Sublime by far. It's just a really lightweight and extendable editor. The SublimeCodeIntel addon worked wonders.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Ben. I'm a programmer based out of Hong Kong. My company, MarketJS builds HTML5 games for brands.

    I've worked on web development since 2007, tinkering with various side projects. I experimented with frontend languages including HTML, CSS and JS. Mostly trying to cook something up from scratch, while making sure nothing breaks in between.

    On the backend part, I worked on PHP and Python based projects. Started to delve a little on Laravel too, although I'm terrible at it.

    Things I've built including web chat applications, web games, coupon websites, game backend systems, CMS-es, and also toolchains (a fancy way of saying I try to combine various technologies to make them work well).

    Thank you for creating Tutorialzine. I hope to learn and share knowledge with you guys!