Alan Jones

Joined on Feb 11th 2018


  • Recently switched from Windows to Mac, tried Linux mint on an old vista laptop, re-format of the hard drive. Linux mint worked fine, but I couldn't get used to working with linux especially loading new software. Got fed up with windows 10 and its continuous updates. I have changed the old vista laptop operating system to Raspberry Pi Desktop and it works great just like an actual Raspberry Pi.
    Recently bought an old Macbook Pro on ebay, really pleased with it Mac OS X 10.6,8 so it won't run the latest software - Processing for example no go on Mac OS X 10.6 and OS upgrade is not possible. Still my old windows now Raspberry Pi Desktop will and also Sonic Pi runs fine, so I'll be hanging on to the old windows m/c.
    May look to getting a more up to date Mac but have enjoyed working with an old Mac and it does 95% of what I want it to do.