Peter Kabiru

Joined on Feb 4th 2018


  • Thank you so much Georgi Georgiev, the template has helped me a lot in building my portfolio website.

  • Your portfolio is dope,
    nice flow
    According to me, I didn't like the part where you saying " I'm a student " Just focus on showing your skills and what you can offer to the site visitors.

    Also kindly remove these words from your site "I'm just a simple guy who happens to know a thing or two..."

    Please no, it shows you still doubt yourself and you need more time to build your skills -- rephrase those words and let the reader know you are the guy who knows Branding and Web staff, ready to meet needs of every clients. (that is an example)

    Be confident with your presentation and let it sound fully professional like someone who is good at what he does and is not a student who is still learning. " yes you may be in school" but any potential client doesn't want to hear they are dealing with a student, Just focus on "what I'm good at and what I can do for you"