Jan Hamara

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  • Hi guys, I'm Janci and I'm from Slovakia, I study Digital Media & Information Studies in Glasgow, Scotland and currently I work as Web Developer in Nice, France during my ERASMUS Year Abroad. Even though my degree is related (not much) to web development I have learned basically all I know by myself :) Apart from basic HTML, CSS, Javascript (ES6) stack, I also use Angular 2 / Typescript, some NodeJS, bit of Java and all that cheeky stuff in web dev that we all love like task runners, preprocesors, Docker, etc. blah blah... What I love about Web Development most is designing webpages as I am also quite much of a designer guy.. I use Adobe Creative Cloud software A LOT.. such as Ilustrator, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects and pretty much anything that has got to do with design or photo / video production.. I absolutely love content on tutorialzine it is so addictive and it has catched my attention especially due to beautiful UI ;) However the content quality is amazing too, your articles with suggestions for stuff like cool JS Frameworks, React Components or cool books & tutorials are priceless :)