Humphrey Pietersen

Joined on Oct 12th 2017


  • Hello Everyone , I am Humprey Pietersen but you most likely may wanna call me Huffy. Hail from Accra, Ghana. I am an intermediate fullstack webdeveloper. Often a lone wolf , when it comes to working on projects . These days have come to appreciate the benefits of working in camps and teams, I have come to appreciate that inspite of the passion , skill and talent, i have for web progamming there is only this little i could do all by myself. Thus am making some changes .

    Am studying alot of NodeJS, Mongoose,ReactJS , AngularJS and VueJS these days, as i turn more to front-end web development technologies , not ditching PHP , which was the backend language of my choice , mostly using it with wordpress. But to enlighten and broaden the horizon to welcome in more collaborative efforts in future projects I wish to be contributing or assisting with.