Malachi Austin

Joined on May 11th 2018


  • Hello,

    My name is Malachi Austin, I just discovered this website while looking around for information on LESS and Sass and SCSS. Game development is my passion and because of that, I founded Orion Studios, a game development organization that I believe can do great things within its industry.

    I've always been quite interested in programming, and I think that I first became drawn into game development when I first picked up Blacklight: Retribution, a first-person shooter about 8 years ago now. I was completely enthralled with the game's utter beauty and masterful execution of its archetype as a futuristic shoot-'em-up game. Furthermore, Blacklight has inspired me to create a game of my own that I feel continues the trend that Blacklight had set in 2011 on its release. This game is called Honor Code, and with it, I am attempting to rekindle the fire that Blacklight once had.

    And referring back to why I am here, I am creating a website for my organization, and I needed some information on CSS and its pre-processors like LESS and SCSS and as a result, I found this website with a tutorial on LESS. So far, from what I have seen on this site, I think I am going ot continue to refer to it for the course of my websites' development.

    And if anyone would like to comment on my plans for my website, which I will post in a discussion soon, I would very much appreciate the feedback.

    Thank you and kind regards, Malachi Austin of Orion Studios.