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  • Hi All.
    Started with HTML in 95.
    Then learnt ASP, which I dumped as soon as I found PHP (php3).
    Been LAMPP mostly since.
    I use Codeigniter exclusively for all of my projects (pretty much since they released CI 1.3).
    Magento for stores.
    jQuery and Bootstrap are staples now.

  • PHP is a server-side script that executes on a server in the "cloud" to do useful stuff like manipulate and store/retrieve data from a database. Websites are (normally) viewed in a browser. Browsers render things client-side (ie. on your computer) Browsers understand HTML, CSS, Javascript and use that code to render the website in the browser window, so normally you will require to use HTML at least if you want to display a formatted page.
    As previously mentioned, you can output plain text from PHP so you could just use only PHP for a website, but it would not look very nice, and there would be no on page functionality at all. Not even basic stuff like clickable links. Just text.