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Chained AJAX Selects Chained AJAX Selects

CSS jQuery

In today’s tutorial, we will build a set of chained select elements. Selecting an option in one of them will trigger an update on the page, showing you more choices to refine your selection.

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Creating a PHP and CSS3 Powered About Page Creating a PHP and CSS3 PoweredAbout Page


Here we will be creating a simple about page that is powered by PHP, HTML5 and CSS3. It will present your contact information to your visitors, with an option for downloading it as a vCard (useful for importing it in third party applications).

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Generating Files with JavaScript Generating Files with JavaScript

jQuery PHP

This time we will be making a jQuery plugin which, combined with a simple php script, can generate a file and make it available for download. Perfect for exporting the settings of your webapp or providing reports.

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