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Hey friends! This week we have two interesting articles for you, and a bunch of web development news, libraries and resources. We hope that you like them!

New articles

Quick Tip: Easy form validation with HTML5

A short lesson on how to validate forms on the client-side by using HTML5 attributes, regular expressions and CSS3 pseudo classes.

The Languages And Frameworks That You Should Learn In 2015

Here are our suggestions for languages and frameworks that will be a great investment to learn in 2015. They are all popular, have large communities, and give a lot of career opportunities.

Web dev resources from @Tutorialzine

The Node Way - Your guide to building beautiful Node.js applications http://ttzn.co/1v57uPi
Piwik - a free and open source Google Analytics alternative that you host yourself http://ttzn.co/1z0L1UQ
Embed - PHP library for extracting information from any web page http://ttzn.co/16vzvdn
Interesting: Elastic SVG Elements Examples by @codrops http://ttzn.co/1DP8EYu
PhotoSwipe - powerful and mobile friendly JavaScript image gallery http://ttzn.co/1wZCmXB
Squire - a simple and lightweight HTML5 rich text editor component http://ttzn.co/1ApC9uf
Evil Icons - A pretty and clean SVG icon pack http://ttzn.co/1ApxVmc
Cool: Collection of SVG loader icons http://ttzn.co/1ApRTNO
Nice: CSS-only Calendar App Concept http://ttzn.co/1DOVbQr
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