Guess the Programming Language

Guess the Programming Language

Can you tell Java from JavaScript? Awesome! So you are ready to take our ultimate programming challenge. You will face 20 difficult (or not) questions, each with a single correct answer. You will need 5 minutes, a bit of superhuman concentration and a life time of programming excellence to make it through.

Ready? Here we go..

Which is the language?

Great job!

Now make your friends jealous:


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Martin is a web developer with an eye for design from Bulgaria. He founded Tutorialzine in 2009 and it still is his favorite side project.

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  1. David says:

    I would like to vow for inclusion of nodejs. Also, I had the impression of some hard feelings with javascript

    1. Martin Angelov says:

      No hard feelings! I love js :)

  2. SK Saini says:

    Hi Martin,

    Cool. I got 14 out of 20. Its really nice to know about a number of programming languages through this mini tutorial quiz. Thanks for posting this information.

    1. Martin Angelov says:

      Great to hear you've found it helpful!

  3. MaxArt says:

    Wooo perfect score!
    I got some by elimination, though (never seen Erlang or Haskell, and never heard of Rust... or Chicken).
    This is the obscure Javascript expression for those who want to try it:

  4. Michael W. Olesen says:

    What about White Space (

  5. Charles says:

    Disappointed there was nothing old school...COBOL, RPG, ect...

  6. Aladdin says:

    Question 12 .. the answer is valid in both JavaScript and BrainFuck.

  7. wazoox says:

    A tad too easy (20/20) :) You should make a tough version without hints because I got some through elimination :) chicken would be really hard... Ook is much better known :)

    1. Emman says:

      Wow That's Impressive

  8. Karmac says:

    Got all of them haha Some were hard to guess though, had to get them by elimination as MaxArt ;P

  9. Pop Catalin says:

    It's way too easy. Should include more tricky and exotic languages.

  10. mzry1992 says:

    19 out of 20, I'm unfamiliar Ruby :-(

  11. Octy says:

    Meh! 19/20. Didn't pay attention to that alert() :D

    1. Burak says:

      Hahah same here. I was absolutely sure that it was Javascript, but anyway I clicked Brainfuck :D

      1. marc says:

        Same here, 19/20 and tripped on the alert. At a glance, I didn't think it was valid enough to run without an error so i chose Brainfuck.

    2. Ashish Krishnan says:

      I saw it, micro seconds before hitting Submit :P lol

  12. AJ Shaw says:

    I got 9/20... Shesh I need to study more!

  13. songnan says:

    You guessed 17 out of 20!

  14. mac0s says:

    chiken chiken chiken chiken chiken chiken
    chiken chiken chiken
    chiken chiken


  15. Zx says:

    got 18/20.. The javascript one is very funny!

  16. Charset says:

    Sheesh, 10/20... well at least I got most of the C++ and HTML ones right, that's what I know anyway.

  17. Ruhan Habib says:

    20 / 20, almost got confused in erlang part!

  18. Emman says:

    Wow. Great job!

    You guessed 16 out of 20!

    Now make your friends jealous:

    This is Funny

  19. testii says:

    Got 19 out of 20 though I wasn't familiar with some of them :P

  20. Ndollah says:

    Got 17 out of 20! chicken???

  21. Raihli says:


    An error with the brainfuck in the JS >_<

  22. johnnieinlab says:

    20/20 :)
    That wasn't THAT hard, but you could put some better mix of the lesser used languages and make it really hard. Python vs Rust Ruby and GO, Javascript vs perl , C++ and PHP.
    Maybe put Haskell, Closure Scala and Lisp together too!

  23. Jesse says:

    Great fun! Besides adding more programming languages (or going into trickery requiring expert-grade familiarity), one suggestion if you add difficulty levels is to have all the languages (and some red herrings) on the right and requiring a match with a slide of code. I think that would make things quite a bit more tricky!

  24. Chris Wong says:

    The Rust example is out of date :(

  25. Louis Orleans says:

    20/20, unlike my eye sight. Was able to get the ones I was unfamiliar (Chicken, Scala, Rust) with by elimination. Should include more options per question.

  26. Daniel says:

    Really entertaining (at least for nerds :D)....Got 18 out of 20

  27. Chris says:

    No Rebol? That'd fox a few folks.

  28. mikiqex says:

    Very proud of myself, 20/20. But I had to hold my breath when answering some of them, as I'm not familiar with all metioned languages.

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