Photobooth Is Our New WordPress Plugin. Share and Win! (ended)

Photobooth Is Our New WordPress Plugin. Share and Win! (ended)

Some of you may know about ZineScripts – our premium PHP, MySQL and jQuery script shop. It hasn’t seen new releases lately, but this changes today! We are happy to announce the availability of our very first WordPress plugin – Photobooth!

Photobooth for WordPress

Photobooth is a WordPress plugin that lets you add a beautiful photo booth to your site or blog. People can take their photos, apply Instagram-esque effects and upload them to the gallery directly from your website. And because it uses the awesome new HTML5 APIs no third-party plugins are required! See a demo here.

WordPress Photobooth

WordPress Photobooth

Photobooth is very easy to set up – you only need to upload it through your WordPress plugin management screen, and you are ready to go! No tinkering, config files or coding necessary. The plugin is perfect for website owners who wish to build a community around their blog. It is even great for teams - install Photobooth on an intranet WordPress blog and bring the fun to your office.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Photobooth is beautiful, responsive, and looks great on every screen size. The gallery uses AJAX to give you an even smoother experience by dynamically loading images when they are needed.


Here are some of the awesome things that you’ll like about Photobooth:

  • Admin Area
    Photobooth’s admin area is well integrated into WordPress, and gives you the ability to alter the plugin’s behaviour. You can change the URL where Photobooth will show, choose whether you want to pre-approve all images and more.
  • Social Sharing
    After taking a picture, users are prompted to share it on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
  • Approval Queue
    After a photo is uploaded, it gets into the approval queue, so you have control over what gets published on your site.
  • Popular Photo Widget
    Add Photobooth’s widget to your theme, and show the latest or the best photos in your sidebar. Your readers will love it!
  • HTML5 Enabled
    Photobooth uses the awesome new HTML5 web camera APIs, so that it can work without the need for third party plugins. In older browsers, it falls back to Flash for a consistent experience.
  • Privacy-minded
    Users can delete their photos for up to an hour after they take them, to prevent mishaps. In addition, until a photo is approved, no one else can see it.
  • Straightforward Installation
    Installing the plugin is as easy as uploading it from WordPress’ admin area and activating it. You can remove it or disable it at any time.
  • Permissive License
    Buy a single copy of the plugin and use it on all your WordPress-powered websites.

Share and Win!

To celebrate the launch of our new plugin, we have a special offer for Tutorialzine readers - three of you who share this post will win a free copy! To qualify:

  • Leave a comment under this post (with a correct email so we can send you the prize);
  • Tweet (click).

The winners will be announced on June 17th, 2013 with a tweet and an update to this post.

And the winners are:

  • Omar Berrayti
  • Alex
  • Velosofy

Hey have been sent their copies of the plugin. Congratulations!

by Martin Angelov

Martin is a web developer with an eye for design from Bulgaria. He founded Tutorialzine in 2009 and publishes new tutorials weekly.



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